DANAO City completed over P167 million worth of infrastructure projects in 2021, including roads, buildings and water systems that benefited residents in 25 barangays.

The biggest project was the evacuation center in Barangay Sabang constructed at the cost of P30.88 million, according to the yearend report of the City Engineering Office (CEO) of Danao City, Cebu.

In a video presentation, the CEO revealed that construction of Phase 1, which ran from Sept. 14, 2020 to Feb. 18, 2021, cost P14.92 million, while work on the rest of the center undertaken from June 17 to Dec. 10, 2021 cost P15.96 million.

Second on the list was the construction of Phase 2 of a water reservoir with perimeter fence, also in Barangay Sabang, for P12,958,856.92. This was completed on Sept. 30, 2021.

Third was the construction of the drainage system at Ilaya-Guinacot Road completed on June 11, 2021 for P10,905,984.66, the City Engineering Office reported.

Road rehabilitation

Other projects above P7 million undertaken by the CEO were the repair and rehabilitation of various roads (Bonifacio St., F. Ralota St., CM Enriquez St. Extension, Mano Amon Area, Children’s Paradise and near Cambiohan Rotunda, Barangay Poblacion), P7,911,091.13; improvement of the legislative and Department of Social Welfare and Development building in Barangay Poblacion, P7,749,098; construction of a covered court in Barangay Baliang, P7,162,689.78; and improvement of a water facility at the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology in Barangay Dunggoan, P7,120,804.75.

The construction of covered courts in six other barangays cost nearly P18 million: in Barangay Bayabas, P3,492,000; Portland, Barangay Cahumayan, P2,998,000; Barangay Santican (Phase 1), P2,996,606.38; Barangay Quisol, P2,987,552.80; Barangay Mantija, P2,921,407.43; and Barangay Masaba, P2,572,916.50.

Other big-ticket items were the construction of a box culvert in Barangay Mantija for P5,993,504.54; embankment, site development, construction of a motor pool building in Barangay Cambanay, P5,478,372; construction of a multi-purpose building in Barangay Ibo, P4,998,228; construction of a perimeter fence at the Philippine National Police Building in Barangay Poblacion, P4,523,793.51; slope protection of landslide-prone areas in Barangay Guinacot, P4,053,786; concreting of a barangay road in Barangay Sandayong Sur, P3,906,835.50; and construction of a steel footbridge in Barangay Sibacan, P3,248,781.92.

Water-related projects included the improvement of the water system in Barangay Masaba for P3,486,363.98; riverbank protection in Barangay Cogon Cruz, P2,920,000; improvement of the waterworks system in Barangay Cabungahan, P2,538,808.66; improvement of the water system in Kabaasan, Barangay Sandayong Norte, P1,171,432.83; and improvement of the drainage system in Barangay Cambanay, P238,303.

School-related projects, on the other hand, were the construction of a one-story, four-classroom school building - Phase 1 at D.T. Durano Memorial Integrated School in Barangay Poblacion for P2,324,926,34; construction of a one-story, two classroom school building - Phase 1 at Dungga Integrated School, P1,325,557.01; and construction of a school stage in Barangay Magtagobtob, P1,236,731.67.

The City Engineering Office also undertook the improvement of street lights; and the rehabilitation, repair and concreting of barangay roads.

Compostela roads

In the city’s neighboring town of Compostela, residents in two barangays need no longer worry about muddy paths when the rains come after the local government opened newly concreted roads in six areas this month.

On March 3, 2022, four newly concreted roads in Barangay Buluang were blessed and formally opened to the public.

These roads are in Purok 3 Sitio Upper, Purok 1 Lingganay, Purok 5 Sitio Bugho and Buluang Elementary School, a statement from the town announced.

Mayor Froilan Quiño and Vice Mayor Joy Abing led the ribbon cutting ceremonies.

The northern Cebu town followed this up with a turnover of two more newly concreted roads, this time in Barangay Bagalnga, on March 9.

The road concreting was done at the Bagalnga Integrated School and in Purok Kawayan.

This turnover took place during the celebration of the 79th Commemoration of the Battle of Guila-guila, when guerilla forces triumphed over the Japanese occupiers in fighting that took place on March 5-9, 1943 in Sitio Guila-guila, Barangay Bagalnga.

The cemented roads leading to the schools will ease the travel of teachers and parents as they prepare to send their children back to schools after two years of distance learning forced on students by the Covid-19 pandemic.