The adage “health is wealth,” no matter how cliché, had never borne as much weight as it did during the pandemic. When the going got rough, most companies, especially in the health care sector, learned to pivot to meet the changing demands and respond to the crisis. Because medicine requires continual discovery, it was also during the pandemic when innovations in products, services and processes were delivered, and fast.

The Primary Group of Builders, the same group behind The Hospital at Maayo, was no exception to this. With San Lucas Medical, which started as an ambulatory care center and became a full-fledged 40-bed family hospital on June 5, 2021, quality yet affordable health care is made more accessible to the communities in the south especially in Minglanilla and Naga.

Patients come first

It aims to be the most trusted healthcare provider of preventive, diagnostic, and treatment services in the south, upholding the same standard of care as that of The Hospital at Maayo. San Lucas Medical offers customer-centric care, with the help of its compassionate and highly competent medical staff who have the knowledge, qualifications, skills and experience to treat patients in line with professional guidance.

Specialized services

Certified and licensed by the Department of Health and the Food and Drug Administration, San Lucas Medical has a systematic and purposeful commitment to excellence. It has a 16-bed hemodialysis unit, a 24/7 birthing center, multi-specialty clinics for outpatient consultations including dental services, a pharmacy that’s open 24/7 to patients and during business hours to the public, a 24/7 emergency department, laboratory and imaging services and board-certified doctors and specialists.

Telemedicine or online medical consultation, rapid antigen testing and RT-PCR testing for Covid-19 are also on offer. There are three room types available for admissions: private, semi-private and ward.

Reasonable rates

San Lucas Medical may be equipped with state-of-the-art technology, but it offers affordable rates and flexible payment schemes and also accepts health insurance plans. Patients go to the hospital at a vulnerable time in their lives and seek not only to get better but also to be comforted. They can rest assured they are getting the best health care at San Lucas Medical without the exorbitant charges.

The best hospitals understand that empathy is part of delivering exceptional patient care. They treat their patients like they would their own family and loved ones, and at San Lucas Medical, this patient-centric mindset is embedded in every department and every interaction. As its chief of hospital Dr. Alvin Rodriguez Arenajo puts it, “We are a family hospital, and we welcome patients of all ages and treat them with the Maayo gold standard, which means it is the same level of care that The Hospital at Maayo is known for.”

He also underscores how their staff is dedicated to constantly improving their processes and methodologies and employing new technologies to do them even better.