IN THE Old Testament, God appoints a leader to lead His people. He chose Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, the Judges, the Kings, and many more. The Prophets were there to anoint the chosen one of God. These leaders were not perfect, at one time or another, they took another path and forgot about God. So, before anything, God sends a prophet to remind the leader. If the leader did not heed the call of the prophet, a plague was sent. If a plague is not enough, then the destruction of the kingdom follows. But when the leader adheres to the will of God, he becomes a good servant and leads until the end of his life.

In the world today, God still participates in guiding His people to choose a good leader. He always means to use his free will in choosing a leader that will perform under the will of God. God never dictates whom to choose or follow a leader immediately. He sends His Messengers or prophets to remind us of our duty to choose the best leader for us. The prophets are those who see things objectively and not based on personalities but on the qualifications that submit to the Will of God.

In choosing the next leaders in May 2022, we have to watch out for the following and trash the candidates using these: Using bundles of money to buy and transfer voters; use of big crowd during their campaign rallies; presence and use of showbiz personalities and concerts; irresponsible use of social media platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram); untruthful results of surveys; biased debates or interviews; using institutional leaders to endorse; and many more dirty and unethical tactics.

All we need is our own decision based on our values.

“Maka-Diyos, Maka-tao, Maka-bansa and Maka-kalikasan" are the foundation of our schools. These are the values we look for from the candidates/applicants (national and local). We keep on teaching these, but if these are not practiced by our leaders, then we might as well erase these and change them with that of the political colors.

These are the questions that matter we need to answer before we make our final choice.

On the value of “Maka-Diyos”: Does the applicant for the political jobs have fear in the Lord? Is the applicant afraid of violating the will of God? Does the applicant have faith in the Almighty? Does the applicant believe that our God is a God that journeys with us?

On the value of "Maka-tao": Did the applicant do something for the people in the past or just make impossible promises? Does the applicant value common good over personal interests? Does the applicant love the people or is it only during this election period?

On Maka-bansa? Does the applicant prioritize nationalism over globalization? Does the applicant value the Philippines over other nations? Did the applicant stay in the Philippines most of his life? Is the applicant boasting the diploma earned abroad? Does the applicant boast of foreign travels?

And on Maka-kalikasan: Does the applicant understand climate change? Does the applicant have a concrete program for Mother Earth? Simply, did he stop the campaign sortie last March 26 to observe Earth Hour? Or Does the applicant have a program for Earth day? If all these questions are answered with a 50 percent to 100 percent negative, then please throw the candidate/applicant away. He deserves not to be the one who would lead us.

God bless the Philippines.

Eternal Rest grant unto Tita Tessie Jereza de los Reyes, O Lord. Let perpetual Light shine upon her.