SUPPORTERS of Davao City Vice Mayor Sebastian Duterte, who is running for city mayor, were spotted bringing home the candidate's election tarpaulins.

Facebook user Carla shared a video of her husband grabbing Duterte's tarpaulin posted in an unknown area in the city, with the text "SUPPORTIVE HUSBAND OF THE YEAR! HAHAHA."

Garcia told SunStar Davao in an online interview that as a die-hard supporter of the vice mayor, she had long wanted to take home his poster.

"Nakita nako sa eskinita tarp ni Baste. Ana ko hunungi, niya akong gigawas, dili man nako malangkat kay gahi kaayo. Mao ana ko sa akong bana nga siya kuha kay di nako makaya langkat (I saw a tarp of Baste in an alleyway. I told my husband to stop the car so I could go out. However, it was hard to get the tarpaulin. Hence, my husband helped me get it)," she said.

Duterte shared the video in his personal account, with the caption "Surrender na ko uy. Inyo na tanan. Importante nalipay mo (I surrender. Take it all. What’s important is that you are happy)."

The vice mayor's staff confirmed to SunStar in an online message that they have also observed that some of their tarpaulins had been missing just days after it was posted.

SunStar Davao asked Duterte's sister, vice presidential candidate and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio, for her reaction on the matter.

The mayor said that so far, she has not received any reports of the same incident.

"Kaluoy sa Ginoo, walay interesado mangawat sa akoang poster (Thank God, I have not received any reports because I think no one’s interested to bring home my posters)," Duterte-Carpio said in jest during an interview streamed live on her official Facebook page.

Duterte, an incumbent vice mayor after a term, is running for mayor, in place of his sister, who backed out from the mayoral race after heeding to the call to run for the national position.