CONSUMERS of Metro Dumaguete Water (MDW) should expect a new water rate increase of P32 per cubic meter in June this year, as approved by the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) through the Dumaguete City Water District (DCWD).

MDW Chief Operating Officer David Berba said the tariff increase should have been implemented in March but was deferred to a later date in view of the Covid-19 restrictions, effects of Typhoon Odette, fuel and power prices, and also upon the request of the City Government of Dumaguete.

Berba said the current floor rate is P25 to P27 per cubic meter for 10 cubic meters a month -- the average consumption of a household (one cubic meter of water can fill five drums) -- this will become P32.

“For instance, the minimum of 0 to 10 cubic meters, a household will only pay P202 from their current bill of P150,” added Berba.

But water rates set by LWUA is through a socialized pricing scheme, meaning the more water is consumed, the bigger the pay.

Big water consumers such as industries and commercial establishments are charged higher rates, which may subsidize the smaller but more numerous water consumers.

With socialized pricing, the water rates differ.

Berba said the increase is necessary for MDW to cope with its operational expenses, which include fuel and electricity, repairs and upgrading of pipes leakage.

“All our deep wells are highly dependent on fuel and power, of which its prices are also increasing, so we are absorbing all those increase in costs,” he said.

MDW aggressively set to provide state-of-the-art leak detection monitoring, better metering technologies, upgrading or repair and pressure management approaches to reduce water loss and provide smart and responsible water service to customers in Dumaguete City. (PIA)