A WOMAN and her nieces drowned at the Bago River at Barangay Napoles in the southern Negros Occidental locality at about 8 a.m. yesterday, March 29.

The fatalities were identified as Riza Macatigos, 31, and her nieces, Chyrine, 16, and Erica Actiba, 13, both of Janiuay in Iloilo province.

Master Sergeant Mars Anthony Luto, case investigator, said it took several minutes before the victims were retrieved from the river.

Macatigos’ 13-year-old daughter said that she and her cousins were swimming when the Chyrine pushed her and her other cousin to the deeper portion of the river.

When her mother saw what happened, she tried to rescue them, the daughter said.

Unfortunately, her mother doesn’t know how to swim.

The 13-year-old was able to swim back to the river bank to seek help.

Her mother and cousins were rushed to the Bago City Hospital but they were declared dead upon arrival.

The Actibas were on vacation to attend the birthday of Macatigo’s husband.*

Bago City Police Station Photo. The river at Barangay Napoles in Bago City where a woman and her two nieces drowned yesterday morning, March 29. (JNP)