THE IPM-Construction and Development Corp. (IPM-CDC) is just waiting for the notice to proceed from the City Government of Bacolod for it to start the construction of the sanitary landfill's third cell in Barangay Felisa, an official said.

Victor Tiansay, project in-charge of IPM-CDC, said the third cell that spans 7,500 square meters will be constructed near the Cells Number 1 and 2.

"We will start the construction once we have the notice to proceed. We already prepared all the equipment at Barangay Felisa," he said.

Tiansay added that the first two cells can no longer accommodate the garbage of the city.

The city's garbage hauler, IPM-CDC, was earlier awarded the contract for the construction of the third cell.

The City Council also ratified the contract of services entered between the City Government and IPM-CDC for the P131.9-million collection, hauling and disposal of garbage, as well as the contract of services for the P63.9-million operation and management of the sanitary landfill.

The Department of Public Services (DPS) earlier said that the IPM-CDC was collecting 600 tons of garbage daily.

"Supposedly, only the residual wastes will be dumped at the city's landfill but most of the residents were not complying with the waste segregation policy," Tiansay said.

In 2018, the City Government implemented the "no segregation, no collection" policy, but the program was a failure because residents are still not observing the proper ways of disposal.

Councilor Carlos Jose Lopez, chairperson of the City Council committee on environment, earlier said the hauler must improve its garbage collection in various areas in the city.

"I'm not satisfied with their performance (and) there is really need for a big improvement (but) I hope that they will perform well," he said, adding that the IPM-CDC should purchase new equipment and additional trucks, among others.