NEGRENSE senatorial candidate lawyer Alex Lacson has reiterated his bid for the revitalization of the Sugar Industry Development Act (Sida) and the revival of the Negros Island Region (NIR).

Lacson is conducting his campaign sorties alone in Negros Island this week.

He said the National Government has allocated P2 billion for the implementation of Sida, a bill authored by former Negros Occidental Third District representative Albee Benitez that became a law in 2015.

But due to the failure of the stakeholders to submit programs for the fund to be fully utilized, Lacson said the National Government has reduced the P2-billion budget to P500 million and further slashed it to P92 million.

"Sida law is good but unfortunately, we have failed to take full advantage of its benefit (which will) supposedly (lead to the development) of Negros Occidental, particularly (its) sugar industry," the lawyer said.

If elected senator, he vowed anew to push for the full utilization of the budget for the development of the sugar industry.

Meanwhile, the senatorial bet believed that the revival of the NIR will enable unity among the Negrenses.

"With the revival of NIR, we can make all Negrenses closer and united (which) is good for us because this can provide us the opportunity to elect our own senator," he said, referring to the proposed federalism form of government.

Citing Panay Island and Bicol Region with several elected senators, Lacson said Negros is yet to elect one.

When asked about his opinion on abated fuel price increases, he said the government can suspend the charging of excise tax on these products to mitigate its effects on the transport sector.

Lacson is also urging the National Government's reacquisition of the Malampaya gas field, which was formerly owned by the state.

The natural gas field in Palawan was discovered in 1988 although two giant oil companies acquired a service contract with the government for its exploration.

Eventually, it was sold to a private company.

"The combined earnings of the two giant oil companies amount to P50 billion a year and if the state can reacquire it, it could be a big help to the Filipinos," Lacson said.

Lacson, who is under the ticket of presidential aspirant Vice President Leni Robredo, was in the province's Fourth and Fifth District on Sunday, April 3, and in First, Second and Third Districts the following day.

He also visited Sixth District Wednesday, April 6, while his last stop will be in Bacolod City Thursday, April 7.