Pangan: Mired in eSabong

IF COLOMBIA was pushed to the brink of extinction by its citizens' addiction to drugs, the Philippines is deeply mired in eSabong and other illegal numbers games.

In Colombia whose Pablo Escobar reigned supreme over a long period of time dealing with high-grade cocaine and heroin, here in the country, some very enterprising personalities lorded over the illegal numbers game and eSabong.

There seems to be no way to stop these illegal activities. ESabong reportedly has obtained permits to operate as vouched by Pagcor (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation), which disclosed that, indeed, eSabong brings in huge revenues to the gaming agency. That is why it remains operational to this day.

Despite the disappearance of several individuals engaged in eSabong, which offense was attributed to men in uniform, the President, expected to lead the campaign to eradicate eSabong, was wishy-washy over its stoppage.

He counters that the income derived from such activity is not something to sneeze at implying that the revenues going to the national coffers is remarkable and needed for the country's projects.

Meanwhile, the relatives of the desaparecidos are still clueless about the whereabouts of their loved ones.


Why has eSabong prospered in our consciousness? Does it give fulfillment to the bettors and game addicts?

Can it be not substituted with less than harmful diversions and pastime activities?


These are questions better answered by our lawmakers. Can they not pass legislation to curb the addiction of people to such seemingly not friendly activity? If they let eSabong thrive in our midst, can they not pass laws to at least mitigate its harmful effects?

Bettors and addicts resort to ways they can use to indulge in this game including committing acts unlawful and outright transgressions that result in criminal offenses.

Our spiritual leaders may have a instilling unto the minds of eSabong addicts the morality of declining the immutable attraction of such destructive activity, the eSabong.


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