By Alessandra Cular

Insular Life (InLife) recently recognized its top-performing financial advisors and agency leaders for 2021 in an awarding ceremony at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Taguig City. InLife’s Club of Honors Annual Awards Night 2022 honored 244 producers nationwide for their outstanding sales performance and dedication to serve Filipinos through financial planning.

Joining the roster of InLife’s President’s Circle of Excellence awardees is Cecile “Celix” Gurrea of the Agila Financial Team General Insurance Agency, Inc. who was awarded as second place, Agency Head of the Year.

“I take pride in being part of InLife because this is the largest Filipino life insurance company in our country. Taos puso para sa Pilipino ang InLife with a mission to provide ‘A Lifetime for Good’ to Filipinos,” said Celix who has been with InLife for more than 11 years now.

In 2001, Celix, a graduate of BA in Philosophy and Master of Theological Studies, pursued a career as a financial advisor to help Filipinos in financial planning despite his initial unfamiliarity with insurance. He acknowledged his seminary’s benefactor who was a former manager in Insular Life Cebu, for inspiring him to become a financial advisor despite his initial plan to start a business at the time.

“She invited me to join their team. Noon doubtful pa ako kasi parang gusto ko mag-negosyo nang konti-konti, mga ready-to-wear clothes, goods, rice. But she encouraged me to become a financial advisor. That’s why I took the exam and then I passed,” Celix said.

With the insurance profession not commonly aspired among Filipinos, Celix shared how he managed to learn the basics of the life insurance business and of selling financial products by attending trainings. He added that through InLife, he realized the importance of insurance to address various needs such as education, retirement, and investment, and to serve as a pathway to fulfill one’s financial dreams.

Celix noted that there were also times when he did not get as many sales as anticipated. “Challenging ang experience ko last year during COVID-19 pandemic. Mahirap lumabas ng bahay, mahirap talagang makipagkita sa clients pero na-challenge ako. Nag-work lang kami nang nag-work and we never gave up.”

During the recent InLife Club of Honors Annual Awards Night, Cecile “Celix” Gurrea (center) shares the stage with InLife executives (from left) Agency and Branch Management Head Geraldine B. Alvarez, President and Chief Executive Officer Raoul E. Littaua, Executive Chairperson Nina D. Aguas, and Chief Operations Officer Efren C. Caringal, Jr.

Seven years ago, the Agila Financial Team started out with only 15 financial advisors. Fast forward to this year, the agency has grown to 220 financial advisors, seven unit managers and six associate managers.

Even with today’s current setup being mostly digital, the agency manages to consistently focus on sales and recruitment of financial advisors. The Agila Financial Team was also recognized by InLife for having the highest number of recruits in the agency head category. This award proves the team’s dedication and hard work not only to maintain its excellent performance, but more importantly to fulfill its mission to help Filipinos achieve their financial dreams.

InLife hopes to amplify its mission to provide “A Lifetime for Good” to Filipinos through its financial advisors and agency leaders such as Celix. To become financial advisors, simply attend InLife’s monthly online Winners Circle Business Opportunity Forum; take the licensure exam and get licensed; and complete the basic training program. Visit the InLife website for more details. (Sponsored Content)

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