THE Department of Energy (DOE) has lauded the town of Amlan for enacting the first municipal renewable energy (RE) ordinance in the country.

In a ceremonial signing of RE investment and incentives ordinance, DOE Visayas Director Russ Mark Gamallo said the municipal ordinance greatly supports the National Government’s drive to promote and encourage domestic and foreign investments on RE in line also with the province’s Renewable Energy Code.

The Amlan’s RE incentives policy stipulates the creation of RE Investments and Incentives Board and RE Investment Promotion Center, and formulates the qualifications, requirements, and procedures for the availment of incentives, particularly the fiscal and non-fiscal incentives provided by the local government unit.

With the signing and support of the local ordinance, the Mackay Green Energy (MGE) firm simultaneously launched its new company, Amlan Bana Charcoal, an automated charcoal production facility for a one-megawatt power plant.

The Mackay Green Energy (MGE) has encouraged to open its 1-30-megawatt power plant in Amlan town and to grow/plant more bana grass in order to convert it into biomass fuel.

MGE proprietor James Mackay has announced the installation of green coal facility which also provides employment and livelihood in the municipality.

The new project will utilize bana grass, an energy crop as fuel to produce energy with 100 percent green, smokeless, odorless, and safe for the environment, the MGE official said.

With processed bana grass, it expects to produce different kinds of by-products such as bio-char, wood vinegar, and green charcoal, a replacement of fossil base fuel that generates electricity.

MacKay Green Energy Inc. focuses on the development of various renewable energy systems designed to efficiently convert biomass to energy, fuel, and bio-products.

Gamallo assured to provide support to the town, stakeholders, and partners in its efforts towards of having a green and environment-friendly supply in the province. (PIA)