WE HAVE HEARD them before. Now, we are hearing them again. These promises from major presidential candidates and the local ones.

Are they sincere in delivering these promises? If ever they win in the May 2022 elections, would they prove true to their word?

The outgoing Duterte administration might take it so easy and neglect its plans, particularly the measures against Covid-19. It is the tendency of outgoing officials to be complacent and pass the buck to its successors. Wag naman sana.

Its gains might be eroded by a single blunder and all its accomplishments relegated to a blur. We have to start all over again. Sus.

Its Build, build, build program is the only one left standing and worthy of continued implementation by the incoming new administration. But there are some doubts on whether the new officials will pick up the tab and instead go on exploring new thrusts and work plans effectively abandoning the Duterte flagship project.

That's the problem with our leaders. They shun continuity of worthwhile projects and start on their new, novel and untested projects only to abandon them later. Sayang...


We have all spent anxious moments waiting for the May 9, 2022, the day we ought to go to the polls to decide on who will be our next president (the 17th) who will lead us for the next 6 years.

Some groups are agitated than most over Comelec's performance in the said elections which we hope should be fair, peaceful and orderly.

Already, there have been some places identified as areas of concern or where trouble and election-related incidents will come from.

Would the elections be fair? Peaceful? Orderly? It will be a tall order for the election body to achieve these.


Vote-buying task force. Speaking of the Comelec, the election body has created the Task Force Kontra Bigay purportedly to handle complaints against people involved in vote-buying. Commissioner Aimee Ferolino was appointed to head the task force.

This move definitely gave credence to allegations that, indeed, vote-buying is rampart here.