A SMALL group of Vice President Leni Robredo's supporters in Baguio City started commuting on board their bicycles on Thursday, April 21.

They will attend the National Pink Fitness Day, which will be held at Quezon Memorial Circle in Metro Manila in celebration of Robredo's 57th birthday on April 23.

The Padyak for Leni caravan is a two-day, 240-kilometer ride From Baguio City to Quezon City led by Valerie De Guzman, who has been bike commuting for about a decade now.

De Guzman's group makes quick stops in selected towns and cities to campaign for their presidential candidate. The bikers are received and joined by other cycling group who also supports Robredo's presidential bid.

On Thursday, April 21, the group traveled from Baguio City to Tarlac City. On Friday, De Guzman and his companions are set to cross Tarlac City to Quezon City.

The National Pink Fitness Day also include fun run, pet walking, zumba dance, and bike ride. Registration for the Padyak for Leni is free.