THE Aboitiz Group, one of the country’s largest conglomerates, continues to look toward its future with balanced optimism and a revitalized mission to transform itself amidst changing national and regional business landscapes.

With a strong commitment to accelerating growth and diversification, the group is gearing up to become a transformative force in the industries it operates by providing “not just life-essential, but life-changing” products and services, said president and chief executive officer Sabin Aboitiz during the firm’s annual stockholders’ meeting on Monday.

“Our great transformation into a start-up conglomerate driven by transformed Aboitiz team members will propel our company to the frontlines of modern innovation and beyond, in order to ensure and accelerate our continued growth and success, and to advance business and communities faster, better, and stronger than we ever did in the past or could have ever imagined,” Aboitiz said.

All Aboitiz business units are exploring and implementing fresh innovation initiatives. As Aboitiz takes advantage of strategic partnerships, the benefits of data science and artificial intelligence, and upskilled team members, its business units are poised for a revolutionary leap forward in their respective industries.

For AboitizPower, the company recently launched its Data Innovation Program through which it seeks to solve real operational problems and develop energy solutions that will benefit both the business and the consumers. Under this program, AboitizPower is currently exploring the use of artificial intelligence solutions across its business units, such as optimizing energy storage for battery systems, predicting boiler tube leaks in thermal power plants, managing grid risks from vegetation, and improving customer service and account management.

The group’s banking arm UnionBank continues to be at full throttle in enabling self-service and mobile-first banking services through its retail financial platform UnionBank Online. With its recent acquisition of the Citi consumer banking business in the Philippines, UnionBank customers will enjoy more credit-card specific services such as applying for a credit card, using their card to pay or send money, and availing of installments.

Aboitiz InfraCapital, is targeting expansion and aims to more than double the footprint of its Economic Estates developments in both Batangas and Cebu as well as introduce sustainability and smart city features.

For 2022 and beyond, AboitizLand, its real estate arm, is looking at exponential transformation powered by its investments in technology, data science and artificial intelligence, as well as strategic partnerships with future-forward companies.

Aboitiz Construction, meanwhile, is looking into expanding its operations in heavy industries and adding more infrastructure projects to its roster. (with PR)