Pangan: When illness strikes

GETTING sick is an unfortunate incident in one's life. It puts an abrupt stop to our normal schedule and takes a toll on our health and resources.

No one can accurately predict when we catch colds or a nagging headache. Sure, we take pensive steps to avoid these, but they come, some say, unexpectedly.

We take pity on victims of illnesses. Some are hospitalized for various illnesses. We empathize with them, especially when faced with huge medical bills. I know of a hospital billed as a foundation center which charges its patients with outrageously high hospital bills that prodded one-time patient to say: Here (referring to the foundation medical center), you will not die because of your illness but due to the obscenely huge medical bills. Patay!


I'm still bewildered by the vaccine hesitancy of some members of our society. Mouthing various reasons why they are hesitant to be vaccinated, these individuals ignore the risk of spreading the Covid disease by not getting vaccinated.

No amount of persuasion or motivation seems to move these hesitant individuals to, once and for all, get vaccinated and move on with their lives.

Not even Sen. Christopher Lawrence "Bong" Go can get an affirmative answer from individuals who move around as students in face-to-face classes and school staff who attend to them.

Go, chairman of the Senate Committee on Health and Demography, emphasized the importance of vaccines in preventing severe symptoms, hospitalizations and deaths from Covid-19.

He remarked thus: I am urging everybody to have the vaccine. The qualified can also have the booster shot. It is on record that those have the severe symptoms were the unvaccinated.


Words of wisdom from Kay Calpo Lugtu from the Manila Times: If there is anything that the pandemic has taught us, it is the ability to distinguish the things that matter from those that do not. The quarantines, isolation and repeated lockdowns of the last two years enabled us to choose our battles and outsource those we did not need to fight ourselves.


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