Lobster in burgers? Yes, please at AMIGO

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Established by close friends who wanted to encapsulate their camaraderie and friendship in coming up with a business, AMIGO (Burgers & Shakes) was born.

After mulling over possible names to officially call their project, friends Jake Fernandez and Adriane “Josh” Libre realized it all boiled down to how their dream began: Friendship. “Amigo” is Spanish for a male friend.

They started out small, operating under one of their friends’ houses amid the early onslaught of the pandemic. However, these dire circumstances didn’t deter Josh.

With head chef, Jake, both of them built a strong team of trusted “amigos” and “amigas” to finally actualize their dream to reality. In October 2020, they started operating in their first physical store. Both Jake and Josh plan to expand their business further into the city this year to reach the masses.

Besides being entrepreneurs, Jake and Josh are also part of the same band, the “P-Minors” and sometimes would even play together in the restaurant to amuse their patrons. Jake plays the violin while Josh sings. Their bond as long-time friends prompted them to embark on similar paths—in pursuing their passions alongside their business.

Burger joints have been an up and coming business in the food industry and competition is tight. To set itself apart from other competitors, AMIGO (Burgers & Shakes) drew inspiration from the Western cuisine trend Surf n’ Turf in which seafood is combined with red meat. The “Kraken,” its signature burger, is made from a 100 percent beef patty with cheese and topped off with premium grade lobster; richly slathered with homemade sauce. AMIGO (Burgers & Shakes) is the first ever burger joint in Cebu to sell lobster burgers.

Another signature burger it offers is the “Mariana Trench”—a triple layer of burger patties covered in three types of cheeses, perfect for cheese lovers out there.

Last, the “Burgermuda Triangle” is for daredevils. It is a burger not everyone should try as it is the spiciest burger in their menu, made from homegrown spices.

Aside from its signature burgers, they also serve “Monster Fries” and different flavors of shakes: Milky Strawberry, Banana Caramel Shake, Island Mango and Lemon Cucumber.

Come as you are and unleash your monstrous cravings only at AMIGO Burgers and Shakes located on 109 Tagunol St., Barangay Basak San Nicolas currently open from 3 p.m. to 12 a.m. daily.


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