5 Philippine-based startups that offer the best employee benefits and perks

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Image from Pixabay

WITH lessons learned from the Covid-19 pandemic, employees now have a clear and firm idea of what they’re looking for in a job. Aside from job stability and financial security, they are now more attuned to achieving work-life balance and seeking a workplace whose culture fits their lifestyle and values.

This, in turn, has motivated companies to rethink their management styles and improve their benefit packages to cater to their employee’s entire wellbeing. As Tiger Recruitment CEO David Morel pointed out, benefits such as mental health and wellbeing provisions are no longer seen as nice-to-haves but essentials.

Below are just some local startups that are nurturing their workforce with unique and useful employee benefits and perks.


Aumni is an American investment analytics company with offices in Baguio City and Cebu City. Its strategic location outside Metro Manila enables it to hire untapped talent where they already are and stand out against their other competitors. But aside from achieving these business goals, Aumni aims to strengthen its brand as a startup that prioritizes the welfare of its employees.

For example, Aumni offers its employees two free meals a day and implements seven-hour work days. In this way, Aumni employees are able to save on costs and enjoy the rest of their time with their loved ones or on other endeavors. These perks ensure that they are able to achieve work-life balance while motivating them to be more productive and efficient at work.


FullSuite is a financial concierge that assists businesses in the nitty-gritty of complying with the law. Some of its services include business registration, business permit renewal, business retirement, and intellectual property registration. Like Aumni, FullSuite’s office can be found in Baguio City.

Aside from helping businesses, FullSuite extends its hospitality towards its employees. One of its core benefits is a tuition subsidy of P60,000 per year, which employees are eligible for once they’ve reached one year in the company. It also offers performance-based bonuses, life and health insurances, career development opportunities, and free meals daily.

Growth Rocket

Originally founded in the US, Growth Rocket is a full-service digital marketing agency that caters to the marketing needs of e-commerce brands, specializing in customer acquisition and retention efforts. It has served brands such as lifestyle Booky, retail operating system StoreHub, and online toy store Anotoys.

In response to new work demands in the new normal, Growth Rocket now implements a full work-from-home setup for its employees, though they still have the option of organizing non-mandatory in-person activities like team building sessions. One of the more unique perks of working at Growth Rocket is the option to buy stocks of the company, giving employees the chance to financially thrive alongside the organization’s growth.

Singlife Philippines

Singlife is a Singaporean life insurance company that forged its ground in the Philippines in 2019. In partnership with leading financial institutions in the country such as UnionBank, GCash and ATRAM, Singlife Philippines aims to help Filipinos financially protect themselves relative to their budget with the help of technology. Of course, when aligning to this business goal, the company provides financial security opportunities for its employees as well.

Among its many employee benefits, Singlife Philippines offers employees insurances for long-term and short-term disabilities, accidents, health, and life. For its group of older employees in terms of age, the company also provides retirement benefits or accounts. Since Singlife Philippines currently implements a hybrid work arrangement, it provides employees commuting assistance and flexible work hours as well.


Founded in 2017, Savii, formerly known as Uploan, is a financial wellness company that helps HR leaders improve their employee wellness and engagement efforts. With the understanding that most Filipinos are financially challenged, the company helps employers provide safe and affordable loans, advances, mental health support, financial education, and Covid-19 insurance to their employees with minimal to no risk or obligation for the business.

As a way of engaging and empowering its own workforce, Savii provides employees unique perks such as gym memberships or discounts, mental health support, professional development stipends, and dependent coverage. It also offers various insurances to financially protect employees from accidents or other incidents.

In this day and age, employees are no longer tolerating workplaces that offer bare minimum benefits and enable toxic work cultures. And we may continue to see this trend moving forward as younger generations enter the workforce. Companies should take these trends and changes as a sign to pivot and rethink their organizational structure to cater to new employees and their new work demands. (PR)


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