ASIDE from their natural beauty, crystals have been known to have natural healing abilities.

Depending on its type, crystals are colorful, shiny and powerful because they are believed to have an extraordinary ability to transmit energy in that can improve a person's wellness and spirituality.

These same qualities are what struck Earl Anjelo Yabut when crystals were introduced to him in January 2020.

"Everything about a crystal is one-of-a-kind, from its size to shape to color," Yabut said.

As he fell in love with the beauty of crystals, Yabut learned that they emit pleasant, elevating, energetic, and calming vibrations that aid in the improvement of a more peaceful mind and a refreshed physical state of being.

That's when he decided to put up Cabeza: The Gem Hunter.

Cabeza is a Spanish term that literally translates to "head" or "superior."

Cabeza sells 100 percent natural and genuine crystals supplied from outside the country, with the goal of touching and elevating people's lives with the use of crystals.

Yabut was given the chance to showcase Cabeza products at SM City Clark's Start-Up Market.

So, if you're looking for high-quality gems and crystals, checkout Cabeza's wide selection on display at SM City Clark's Start-Up Market located at the mall's ground floor.