OUR readers may be wondering about the correctness of our column title today. Why are we describing legacies from the younger generations? Is it not erroneous to connect the countless blessings or legacies that have been received by humankind with the younger generations rather than from the older generations who have lived longer lives and shared the many blessings which they have left to their children or forebears?

Our column today understands the wonderment of our readers who have reasons of course in their view that legacies or inheritance in life logically emanate generally from the older generations. Nevertheless, this issue wishes to clarify our beliefs as well that material or non-material values in life can also emanate from the brief but loving lives of younger generations. As we indicated in our previous column, we would share today and in the coming issues various other specific or unique aspects of historic inheritance or legacies among people throughout the world.

Let me share several specific cases here. Over the past several years, we had a grandnephew, who, after a brief 28 years in his young life, unfortunately contracted a dreaded disease of leukemia. Before this sad event, Paolo Hofileña Mendoza had devoted much of his youthful years as a loving and hard working only son of his beloved parents. He had shown special skills and devoted efforts as a student and as a talented employee in his work for a European company which indicated a bright career future for him. Thus, when he was stricken by his illness, his whole life and future were darkened with uncertainty. Despite the efforts of help from his family, company and friends, he finally passed away last June 24. With this brief story of his life, Paolo showed love and service to his family, friends and his work to whom he had given so many instances of hard work and caring by his inspiring example. All these are surely proof of valuable legacies from a young man who had given so much of himself to others despite the shortness of his life.

This writer and his family also wish to share here the similar loving memory of a young son who at the age of 18 also passed on May 4, 37 years ago due to lymphatic cancer. The fourth child in our family, our son Elimon shared in his brief 18 years many cases of love and caring for family, relatives and friends.

Like his nephew Paolo, Elimon not only showed instances of love and caring for family, relatives and friends but also inspiring courage in bearing their sufferings and facing death. These two cases demonstrate a few of the countless unforgettable memories of the lives of youthful persons who have left valuable legacies to their fellow human beings.

We know that there are countless other young people who have likewise left invaluable material or spiritual legacies in countless families worldwide as well. With this issue, our family wishes to express our gratitude, love and remembrance for relatives and friends who have left us many legacies together with countless young people who have shown the same courage and inspiration and historic inheritance from the past to the present.

We remember and thank God for these precious legacies. We also reiterate our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the many family, relatives and friends who have helped us in these difficulties and also loving and inspiring memories.