THE news as I type this piece is that Metro Manila mayors seek Alert Level Zero for the Covid 19 pandemic, meaning they’d like to scrap even masks as safeguard against the virus. This, even as big cities in China, such as Shanghai and Beijing, as well as in other more vaccinated countries, remain in great fear of another surge.

Now Philippine health “experts” sing paeans to the “scientific” protocols, such as vaccinations, that they advocated for local liberation from the dreaded virus, losing track of logic in the fact that more vaccinated countries are again being overwhelmed by yet another pandemic round.

There should be no-fail in considering that the Philippines must be the only country consistently praying the Oratio Imperata during Masses, imploring Heaven to spare us from further misery from contagion. And so explains the enigma of a less vaccinated country suddenly being spared from pandemic scourge.

Those experts crediting solely science, in a worldwide situation that should shame their logic, had better keep silent before their pride again allows enough room for the diabolic.

Anyway, with all the credible Catholic mystics warning the entire world, including the Philippines, with more tribulations amid lack of conversions, all have to prepare, both physically and spiritually.

Heaven has never left us helpless in the face of adversities. There are means for special protection and let me cite one: the Brown Scapular.

The Brown Scapular was first given by the Blessed Mother to St. Simon Stock, superior general of the Carmelite Order on July 16, 1251, saying: "Take this Scapular, it shall be a sign of salvation, a protection in danger and a pledge of peace. Whosoever dies wearing this Scapular shall not suffer eternal fire."

The Catholic Encyclopedia says of the Brown Scapular: "One of the most remarkable effects of sacramentals is the virtue to drive away evil spirits whose mysterious and baleful operations affect sometimes the physical activity of man. To combat this occult power the Church has recourse to exorcism, and sacramentals.”

Addressing seminarians in Rome, Pope Benedict XV promoted the sacremental thus:

"Let all of you have a common language and a common armor: The language, the sentences of the Gospel - the common armor, the Brown Scapular of the Virgin of Carmel which you ought to wear and which enjoys the singular privilege and protection after death."

There’s also the story about Venerable Francis Yepes. One day, his scapular fell off and as he replaced it, he heard the devil howl: “Take off that habit which snatches so many souls from us! All those clothed in it die piously and escape us!”

Yepes then made the devil admit three things that evil spirits are most afraid of: the Holy Name of Jesus; the Holy Name of Mary and the Holy Scapular of Carmel.

It is a pity that nowadays, priests rarely promote the Brown Scapular, Nay, some of them are more fond of converting Masses into social gatherings by compelling the faithful to “look at the person seated next to you” and say this or that to that person, or filling their homilies with jokes that remain the only things remembered as the faithful leave for their homes. The Mass thus becomes a social gathering highlighted by a stand-up comedian. But there are some who have remained saintly.

Meanwhile, the dire messages from Heaven continue to pour.

On Labor Day, May 1, 2022, St. Micheal the Archangel had this missive through stigmatist mystic Luz de Maria de Bonilla:

“Beloved children of My Immaculate Heart: I bless you as Queen and Mother. I bless your minds, thoughts and hearts. I bless you with my love so that as children of my Divine Son you would be obedient to His Call. My little children: you must hasten and be more spiritual.

“The times are urgent; evil does not wait and is drawing up its plans for dominating my children. Fear not: this Mother keeps you protected and my mantle embraces humanity.

“Little children, the power of communism is making itself felt on earth; its desire for conquest goes beyond a single country. I suffer due to the ignorance of those who deny the times in which they are living: war will spread and hunger will appear, faced with which the human race will forget its principles.

“The dragon is showing its tentacles: pestilence, war, famine and dominion over humanity, eliminating religions to establish one single religion. People of my Son, keep your lamps burning with the finest oil. Some people continue to be foolish without taking stock of the reality through which humanity is passing.

“Foolish children! You do not know the prophecies contained in Sacred Scripture. If you knew them, you would understand the times in which you find yourselves and the signs and signals of this moment. Everything is found in Sacred Scripture, yet humanity no longer believes in the Most Holy Trinity, scorns me and denies being God’s workmanship.

“Children, you treat as spectacle the fact that the firmament is warning you... The moon will turn red and with it human suffering and pain will increase. Pray, cry out and fast if your health allows it.

“Repent and confess your sins with a firm purpose of amendment. Walk towards my Son, present in the Holy Eucharist, and set out on your path towards a new life as true children of my Son. Enter into inner silence and look at yourselves, being severe – very severe, without disguising your personal acts and actions: look at yourselves in terms of your character, your treatment of your fellow men, anger, resentment, lack of love for yourselves and for your neighbor.

“Look at yourselves! Change must happen ipso facto. You must soften your hearts of stone before it is too late. You are heading towards difficult times for all humanity. I offer you my hands to guide you to my Son, my heart to shelter you and my womb so that you might grow within it.

“Pray, children, pray: those who hold power on earth are leading humanity into pain.

Pray, children, pray, the earth will shake forcefully. Pray, children, pray for the Church of my Son. Beloved children, People of my Son, pray.

“I grieve for my children who do not obey. I grieve for Europe, which will suffer unexpectedly.

“In this month dedicated to this Mother who loves you, I ask you for the Communion of reparation on Saturdays and Sundays offered for the conversion of all men, for world peace, for my favored sons, so that they may maintain the People of my Son as a community of love and fraternity. You should offer this in a state of grace and with firm faith. By fulfilling my requests you will receive the grace to increase your faith in my Divine Son and you will have greater protection from the heavenly legions.

“Maintain unity. I bless you, my children.”