FINALLY, after several months of exciting preparations, the day of reckoning is here.

Another milestone in our nation's history, May 9, 2022 is a date to remember how we determined who will lead the country to, hopefully, a robust chart after a painfully mediocre administration. Sigh!

In 2016, we pinned our hopes on a boastful candidate who promised many things, including making our lives better, but after the term, we are left scratching our heads over the sorry state we are in. Gasp!

The mumbling, stuttering chief executive of the country hardly made progress for the country and even was saddled by a global pandemic that scuttled all our grandiose plans.

All told, the candidates, national and local, have all done what is expected of them, hoping voters will rally to their cause.

Surveys aside, it is still anyone's guess who will be the next president of our struggling country. Whew!

All those costs, all those sleepless nights, grueling rallies and talks. Aah!


The urgent need for renewable energy cannot be overemphasized in the face of impending brownouts courtesy of failing power plants.

This problem must be addressed by the concerned agencies of the government before it gets worse than ever in summer.

It is a huge problem, this, as the band-aid solutions are not effective to solve the perennial problem of brownouts.

What ails the power plants? Besides being old and left to the elements and not properly and regularly maintained these power plants must give way to deterioration.

What to do? Turn to renewable energy, fast.


There is welcome news as Filinvest-Engie Renewable Energy Enterprise, Inc., has signed a memorandum of understanding with Filinvest Land Inc., "to explore opportunities in installing renewable energy generation facilities in the Filinvest Innovation Parks at New Clark City of BCDA/Clark Development Corporation and at Ciudad de Calamba.

This joint venture will surely help address the power generation problems of existing power plants soon. Let us get the act moving, gentlemen.