AS WE indicated in our earlier columns, we highlighted the integrational aspects, especially values, of history, heritage and political science in the life of different nations, including our own.

In particular, we interconnected, firstly, the notable historic aspects of the Japanese occupation of the Philippines during WWII from 1942 to 1945. Thus, we highlighted the various historical aspects of the situation of our people with emphasis on how they coped or endured the sufferings and other socio-economic difficulties arising from the harshness of the occupation of our country by a foreign invader.

In this way, we emphasized the interconnection of our wartime occupation with the historic period of WWII under the Japanese occupation. Thus, we have also seen how our history was affected by these external historic events.

At the same time, we highlighted the inspiring examples of the many cases and values of the ingenuity, resilience and heroism of our fellow Negrenses, as with countless other Filipinos, who refused to surrender to the invader and instead united and cooperated in organizing the historic Negros Resistance Government in the mountain areas of our Province.

As a third aspect of our current issues, we have integrated our historic wartime condition with the current National Heritage Month of May. This clearly shows the integration of these relevant wartime historic events with our observance of the National Heritage Month, with special emphasis on the incalculable values demonstrated by our people in the face of tremendous dangers and challenges.

On our third point of coincidental interconnection, we have already mentioned the exceptional role of relevant Filipino heritage values as integrated with the wartime situation and the current political event of the National Election on May 9 which are also significant as historic and heritage values in this political event which will also indicate the future impact of the election in the coming years of the life of our people. More particularly, the historic question that will have to be answered by the response of our people will signify how the votation by electors influenced the values and future of our people.

In our coming issues, we will continue to discuss these important integrational aspects and values of the history, heritage and relevant political episodes for our country. We likewise take this opportunity to remember the national Mother’s Day celebration last Sunday, May 8, which reminds our people of the historic and heritage values of the beloved Mothers of our nation who have contributed incalculable benefits to the welfare of our people.