OFFICIALS of the Pampanga Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (PamCham) have requested the NLEX Corporation to improve further its road safety and emergency response measures.

PamCham past president Rene Romero, who is now sitting as the chamber's director, said one of their suggestion is the acquisition of helicopters for quick response to accidents along NLEX, SCTEX and other expressways.

"We need choppers during emergency situations where accident victims need to be airlifted to hospitals," Romero said during PamCham's consultative meeting with Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation officials on Thursday, May 12, 2022, at the former's residence in the City of San Fernando.

MPTC officials, led by Assistant Vice President for Government Relations Roberto Tanada, presented their ongoing projects quick response system to the PamCham members.

Robin Ignacio, senior manager of the MPTC traffic division, said they tapped a third party to haul victims in times of accidents and other emergency situatioin.

He said the tollway firm is considering the suggestion but admitted that there are many factors to consider including the presence of high tension wires on the lateral sides of the expressway and the designation of helipads.

According to Ignacio, MPTC has formed a quick response team for emergency cases along the expressways.

CCTVs were installed along the NLEX and SCTEx for the quick location of accidents and other emergency situations.

Ignacio at the same time disclosed that the repair and rehabilitation of the 50-yer old

Candaba viaduct will be completed next year.

Romero lauded the MPTC for coordinating with PamCham and other stakeholders in Pampanga and other parts of Central Luzon for the infrastructure development in the region.

"Pinakikinggan nila lagi ang aming mga suggestions para sa ikagaganda pa ng mga serbisyo sa mga business sector at motorista na gumagamit ng kanilang mga expressways," the PamCham director said.

"Yung suggestion naman natin sa chopper e tutal third party naman pala ang kanila, pwede naman na hindi na lumapag at air lift na lang yung accident victims. Sa ibang bansa may mga helicopters kaya naisasalba nila ang buhay ng mga na-involve sa mga aksidente sa mga expressways," Romero said.

Also present during the meeting were PamCham president Nestor Mangio, PamCham Vice Chairman Jim Jimenez, Pamcham Director Marco Hizon, MPTC Senior Manager for Technology Ave Salazar, MPTC Senior Manager for Asset Management Edmund Ibaon, and others.