THE Bureau of Immigration (BI) said the suspected Abu Sayyaf Group member arrested recently possibly held an assumed identity.

BI Commissioner Jaime Morente disclosed that Omar Bin Harun, 52, who was intercepted last May 10, 2022 at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 2 after arriving via a Philippine Airlines flight from Kuala Lumpur, presented a Malaysian passport that authorities suspect to have been fraudulently-acquired.

“While his passport seems to be genuine, we believe he might have procured it through illegal means or by misrepresentation,” said Morente.

BI said intelligence sources reveal that Omar, a Filipino national, is reportedly a member of the ASG.

He was allegedly involved in the 2001 Lamitan Siege that took over a church and a hospital, and held priests, medical staff, and patients as their hostage.

BI NAIA Anti-Terrorist Group (ATG) chief Bienvenido Castillo III said they received intelligence information about Omar’s arrival last week and have coordinated with other law enforcement agencies to arrest him.

“Omar was also said to have links with the terrorist group ISIS,” said Castillo.

“We were informed then that there was also a warrant for his arrest from the Philippine National Police Southern Police District,” he added.

Castillo bared that Omar was turned over to the PNP who implemented his arrest.

Morente thanked other law enforcement agencies for the cooperation which led to the successful arrest of Omar.

“Coordination among law enforcement agencies, both here and abroad, is necessary to curb terrorist activities that attempt to destroy the peace and order in our country.

"We will remain vigilant to ensure that these criminals are brought to justice,” he added.