IN POLITICS, time is of the essence. In 2019, Vilma Caluag could not overcome the EdSa votes so she lost. In 2022, with the graduation of EdSa, Vilma Caluag came triumphant and became the first lady City Mayor of San Fernando.

Oca Rodriguez at his political prime, bested the legendary Estelito Mendoza. He became the Congressman of the Third District. He was selected as a prosecutor in the Estrada Impeachment Trial so he was perceived to be fearless. He reluctantly ran for Mayor, thereafter won. He became engrossed in the City Hall that he served the maximum nine years limit from 2004 to 2013. He returned to Congress in 2013 only to lose later on to challenger Dong Gonzales. From there, it was downhill for his career. He was on the side of the Candidate Vilma in 2019 but his help to her candidacy was not felt. In this year’s edition, he tried to regain his former post – Our Choice Again but he was a distant fourth in the roster. Boxing and politics are on the same plane – you should retire while you are winning.

Candidates like Noli de Castro and Dante Marcoleta know how to mitigate the agony of defeat. They sensed that they were not among the front runners so they chose to withdraw before the elections.

The loss of former Vice President Jejomar Binay is a bitter pill to swallow. He was a breath away from the presidency during Noynoy’s term. He was the favorite to win the 2016 Presidential Derby. After six years, he placed thirteenth in the senatorial derby.

Equally bitter is the loss of reelectionist Councilor Raul Macalino. He was widely considered as a sure winner but fate intervened. Alvin Mendoza was gunned down so he was substituted by his widow. Mendoza was catapulted o No. 2 in the Councilor’s Derby relegating Raul to eleventh position.

EdSa chose to retire undefeated. Edwin D. Santiago should serve as an example. He is a public servant who accomplished so much and chose to retire at the peak of his political career. He is fulfilled having served the City with dignity and pride.