DABAWENYA artist Tanya Gaisano-Lee may not have any formal training in the arts, but she has always been artistically inclined.

Her ongoing Mother’s Day solo exhibit entitled “Pen Art” at the Dusit Thani Hotel Davao brilliantly features 25 endearing pieces of a subject that she holds close to her heart.

“My child Jana who just turned four brings me so much joy and frustration at the same time. She is my inspiration for my mother and child series, particularly, her poses and her face as it changes when she grows,” says the University of Asia and the Pacific Child Development and Education graduate.

During the pandemic, art became her outlet. “It was my therapy and my release from cabin fever and the inability to socialize. I poured all my frustrations and pent-up emotions onto canvas. It kept me sane,” admits the contemporary artist.

Three years after her “Beyond the Womb” solo exhibit, she intimates that her self-learned art has evolved by incorporating more texture and colors.

“I have experimented with different mediums and was able to incorporate them into my art as my personal style. I have also started using glass beads, gold leaf, and traditional cloth such as T’nalak and inabel,” describes Tanya, who is married to businessman Jerick James Lee.

Tanya reveals that she can work on smaller pieces for a couple of days. However, some materials need to cure and fry fully before she can proceed. On the other hand, the larger ones take much longer because of the curing time. To be more efficient, the busy mom simultaneously works on multiple pieces.

She has actively joined numerous exhibits including the highly acclaimed Mindanao Art exhibit held at the Poblacion Market Central where she proudly showcased her well-received rooster series and how it fittingly reflected our unique Filipino culture.

For her latest exhibit, Tanya intimates that her favorite is the inked series in grayscale.

“The subject is fully patterned, and the background is tones of silver. I have two on show in the exhibit, but clients tend to gravitate towards color,” she observes.

Tanya gratefully shares that her “Pen Art” exhibit is almost sold out with a few pieces left and the sold ones being replaced with new creations.

Looking back, her high school self would have never imagined that her mindless drawing and doodling during class lectures would eventually prepare her for this remarkable artistic journey.

“Pen Art” will be on view until May 31, 2022, at the Dusit Gourmet Lounge, Dusit Thani Hotel Davao.

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