Several times before the Covid 19 pandemic surfaced, I had wondered why a lone high-altitude small plane would emit contrails, those white emissions so high up in the sky in repeated circles, at other times in crisscrossing lines, over where I live in Pampanga (I’ve read similar reports from other parts of the world). The aircraft itself was hardly visible for its height and size, its visibility discerned only from its emission.

Then I asked myself whether the aircraft could be foreign and was on a malicious mission to shower people below with experimental microorganisms. Why I thought of such a crazy thing I could not explain but, after having just stumbled on a significant message from Heaven, I say it could have been foresight.

Indeed, the US Federal Aviation Administration admits that modern radar systems could not always detect small aircraft. “The amount of reflective surface of an aircraft will determine the size of the radar return. Therefore, a small light airplane or a sleek jet fighter will be more difficult to see on primary radar than a large commercial jet or military bomber,” the US FAA says, and this could explain why foreign tiny aircraft can fart contrails in local skies without any ado.

And then couple this with the following message from the Blessed Mother to stigmatist Luz de Maria de Bonilla on December 21, 2029:

“My children are suffering more frequently from respiratory diseases, which increase, being recurrent and requiring long treatment.

“Children, have you not asked yourselves why it is that you should be weaker faced with respiratory diseases?

“Exposure to drastic changes in the climate greatly contributes to your bodies’ being exposed to respiratory complications, but at the same time the hand of man is implicit, spreading chemicals and viruses through the air so that you fall sick more frequently, and these sometimes become fatal for human beings.

Faced with this, you should protect yourselves in order to minimize exposure to white trails when they cover the atmosphere. At the same time, spray the oil of the Good Samaritan on what you have chosen to protect your nose and mouth.

“Sick minds of powerful nations are the demons that spread the disease on My children in AIRPLANES.

“Shut your homes and do not expose yourselves to the open air when you see strange forms in the atmosphere.”

Having again mentioned Luz de Maria de Bonilla, whose mystic experiences date back to the year 1991, I am sharing some of the messages she had received from either Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Blessed Mother way before the Covid 19 pandemic began. The realization of prophetic messages is proof of her authenticity. Records of such messages were kept, even published under the guidance of Catholic priests, before they unfolded into reality.

Here are some of the messages.

Blessed Mother on September 23, 2010: “The epidemics do not wait, just as Heaven announced; these will be more devastating.”

On December 11, 2013: “Blessed are those who live their life in unity with My Son and who in the midst of daily calamities continue to be fused to My Son! These, in the instants of shortage and of unknown illnesses will know to promptly turn to My Heart and to the Divine Will, for it is in faith, in commitment and in awareness that you will find the door that will open to the cure for all possible ills.”

On October 7, 2016: “Children, you are deceived, seriously deceived by large global organizations that were created to assist you. Humanity has been taken in order to experiment with diverse foodstuffs, medicines and clothing containing substances harmful for the human body. Because of this, we asked you earlier to be cautious before eating, especially because in some foods there is such toxicity that the human body reacts with diseases that cause death.”

On January 15, 2017: “Illnesses created by man are the great pretext for contaminating the body of the human creature and slowing causing death with medicines arranged for this.”

Then from Our Lord Jesus Christ sometime in 2009: “I invite you not to forget the use of sacramentals. In case of contagious diseases, anoint the doors and windows with holy oil. If you find yourselves sick, sprinkle the food with holy water and keep in mind the use of the medicinal plants My Mother has indicated you use for these unexpected circumstances.

“Be creatures firm in faith, knowing that being endowed with reason and intelligence, you consciously obey the guidelines that the leaders of your countries indicate to you. My call is to remain alert. In this moment, humanity is threatened by illness. So at this time, you should protect and help one another with authentic love and with mercy, caring for your brothers/sisters as much as is possible, in the same way that you care for yourselves, and remain in your homes when your countries are being threatened by some epidemic.

"If, at this moment, you are not suffering from nature’s attacks, from diseases, or from hunger, do not be indifferent toward those that are suffering, since no nation can assure it will not suffer these calamities at some moment. The cold-heartedness and indifference before suffering is an example of the estrangement that man maintains with My House. The Christian accompanies, suffers, and rejoices with his /her neighbor, because he/she knows that a neighbor is the image and likeness of his /her Creator."

On January 17, 2011: “The epidemics do not wait. Be carriers of My Mother under the invocation of the Miraculous Medal.”

On November 7, 2013: “My beloved People, when the disease is known by all men and draws near and contaminates everything in its path that has life, do not forget that My Mother is your Refuge, and Her Love in Her different invocations, will heal Her children. My Mother will not abandon you even if you do not love Her.”

On November 13, 2016: “Diseases sent to humanity by misused science will be sudden and unknown.”

On June 26, 2015: “Diseases are on the rise and humankind is not aware of it; be cautious.”

On April 30, 2015: “I do not punish you. You, children, receive the reaction of your wrongdoings. You transgress my law and for this you will suffer.”

Luz de Maria also would receive messages from the archangels, often St. Michael. Here is one message received on Aug. 26, 2012 as follows:

“Heed our warnings, remain attached to nature’s benefits to mitigate illnesses. DO NOT GET THE MICROCHIP, for it is the beginning of the human overdevelopment, through which man is left in the hands of the controllers, who will indicate and obligate you to do things never thought of before. This microchip is man’s permission for the spawn of satan to be lord over man.

“Thus it is written: from the Blue Mantle that covers the earth the protectors of the human race will come, as in the past. Do not reject us more.”

This, amid reports that Bill Gates and the World Health Organization have started drafting a New World Order global pandemic treaty on pandemic preparedness that would grant it absolute power over global biosecurity, such as the power to implement digital identities (microchips?), vaccine passports, mandatory vaccinations, and travel restrictions.