National Brother’s Day: 4 local bands composed of brothers


“Sometimes being a brother is better than being a superhero.” This was children’s books author Marc Brown wrote.

It’s true. Having a brother would sometimes equate to a recipe for disaster. Fights would be inevitable as would mindless banters. But having a brother would also mean having someone to lean on and look up to.

Today, May 24, we celebrate National Brother’s Day. Ever since 2005, the special day has been celebrated around the world. This annual celebration, originally started in the United States, allows everyone to appreciate their brothers—and even brotherly figures—in one’s life. It is a celebration of brotherhood and the undying kinship shared between them.

The Cebuano music scene is as vibrant as ever and showcases a number of bands that include members who are brothers. The following bands are Wonggoys, Bethany, Oh! Caraga and Drive Me to Juliet.

The local band, Wonggoys, is led by the spectacular talent of three brothers: Gabe, Bill and Kyle Wong—with their forte in pop music, the band showcases a playful lyricism in the songs they produce.

Another Cebu-based band, Bethany, also consists of brothers Luis, Angelo and Paolo Quibranza. The band’s music style is heavily influenced by alternative rock music along with its profound lyrics.

Oh! Caraga, an alternative folk act, also has brothers as lead and backup vocalists—Kenneth Corvera and Adam Corvera. Their music style hinges on wistful melodies of acoustic music combined with the band’s strong vocal range.

Last, Drive Me to Juliet is a band composed of Racho siblings Kaye and her brothers, Ken and Randy joined by their childhood friends. The band showcases its alternative rock roots and a flair for blending conventional elements of rock and other genres of music.

These local bands prove that brotherhood could go beyond just the walls of the home you share. Brotherhood is about being at the end of the line, ensuring you win together.


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