Cervantes: Famine needed by antichrist to impose microchip for buying, selling

SO MANY things now happening in the world are giving early substance to prophecies being told from Heaven to Catholic mystics these days.

There’s this nagging prophecy about a one world government amid famine that would pave the way for the imposition of microchip as vaccine passport and lone digital currency to be imposed worldwide.

Juxtapose this with reports that Bill Gates and the World Health Organization have drafted a New World Order global pandemic treaty on pandemic preparedness that would grant it absolute power over global biosecurity, such as the power to implement digital identities (microchips?), vaccine passports, mandatory vaccinations, and travel restrictions.

I see a nightmarish situation worldwide, duplicating or even worse than the Shanghai lockdown.

Also targeted is the Vatican where the one world people want to install their anointed pope who, mystics say, is already in the higher rungs of the Church. This, also for a one world religion.

Amid all these, the appearance of the antichrist in flesh and blood. He would rise in the cocoon of benevolence until he sheds veneer upon rise to world domination.

Will a Bongbong Marcos presidency shield Filipinos from such scenario? Already the Oratio Imperata being recited in Masses all over the country has eased the pandemic in the Philippines (stop crediting vaccines because logic can’t give credit to the jabs as could be gleaned from the experiences of the most vaccinated developed countries). Now, Filipinos will have to add true conversion to their prayers and not a return to its pre-pandemic sins, to keep off an antichrist scenario.

Still, warnings from Heaven continue. Again, please pray first to the Holy Spirit for wisdom and strength, as the following message could otherwise be disturbing to some.

(By the way, in my last column, I attributed a quote from the Blessed Mother dated 2029. It was a typo error and was supposed to be 2019. Sorry.)

On May 21, 2022, Our Lord Jesus Christ told stigmatist mystic Luz de Maria de Bonilla as follows:

“Receive My Sacred Heart together with My blessing. I remain with each one of you. Each human being decides whether they want to open the door of their heart to Me.

“All of Heaven stands before My children to help them, and you should not be afraid of what is coming, but should trust in My protection. You must believe that you are not alone. You are living within the purification that is necessary at this time in order for My children to be saved.

“The wolves in sheep’s clothing are engaged in carrying out the orders of the Antichrist, feeding the infernal dragon in order to make it grow by supporting immorality, the killing of the innocent and the destruction of the family through laws contrary to this beloved institution. My Mother has called you to repentance, yet you have not repented...

“The banner of this generation is ignominy and immorality. Man has given his hand to the Devil, therefore the chastisements will not stop. These will be so severe that you cannot imagine them. Humanity’s suffering is not far from you, but a twinkling of an eye away.

“Foolishly, you will continue to reject and deny the signs and signals until famine overtakes mankind, and lamentation, together with social revolts, will be throughout the earth. This famine is necessary for the Antichrist in order for him to exert his force upon the people and oblige them to seal themselves in order to obtain food and medicines, and finally he will dominate them.

“ My beloved people, diseases are progressing, one after another being sent to humanity to keep you frightened and constrained. This skin disease was foreseen for you: the diseases are not coming by themselves.

“Pray, come to Me: I am your God.

“My beloved people, it is not only pain that My People will experience. In the principal sanctuaries dedicated to My Most Holy Mother in each country, a miracle of maternal love will occur for three hours. My Mother will alert you in advance. Children, you are not alone, keep your faith alive and firm. I Am your God.

“Pray My children, pray for Italy: it will suffer severely. Pray, My children, pray, Japan will be strongly shaken.

“Pray, My children, pray, My people will not be abandoned, no matter how severe the moment may be. Pray, My children, pray, night will come in the twinkling of an eye.

“My people, My Cross is a sign of salvation and redemption: carry it with you.

“I Am your God, and I will never abandon you.I bless you with My love.” (End of quote.)

Also on May 21, 2022, our Blessed Mother gave mystic Gisella Cardia, also warning of a one world governance that would take away the freedom of individuals. Here’s the message.

“My children, thank you for being here in prayer and for having responded to my call in your hearts. My children, you are living in dark times and going forward they will turn into darkness , but you should always look to the light. How many times has Jesus promised you protection? Has He ever failed you? How many times you have been in difficulty, yet He has never abandoned you. My children, my little ones, never fear; no matter what happens, pray, pray, pray a great deal. Cover the earth with your prayers: pray for priests who are defying God, pray for the powerful because they are plotting. My children, they want to take away your freedom, but have faith and be in the truth; it alone will make you free.

“Now I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”


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