Pangan: On facing another crisis

WITHOUT us ignoring the severity of the lack of water, there will come a time when we will encounter, to the worst of our fears, the acute shortage of water. And we will eternally regret it.

And it took an international non-government organization co-founded by Hollywood actor Matt Damon and water engineer Gary White to bring to the fore the need for collective multi-stakeholder action to solve a looming global water crisis.

Our sources of water are finite and due to our continuous usage of it, we may see the day that the sources become empty and dry. Then, where would we get our source?

Some individuals are already warning about the coming scarcity of our sources of water.

Columnist Albert Gamboa of the Manila Times: Each of us has a water story to tell and at one time or another experience the challenges brought about by lack of access to this precious resource.

Already, world organizations, including financial institutions with global reach, have met and discussed measures to allow humanity access to water sources for a number of years.

Here in the Philippines, there is an active movement to reuse wastewater through treatment processes with stern reminders of making useful usage of the commodity.


Several of our conglomerates can be persuaded to look into the probability of losing the bulk of our water supply, together with electric power.

While Ayala Corporation has already explored the possibility of tapping renewable energy, other giant corporations can still be encouraged to participate in businesses enhancing our power sources.


Surely, we will regret to see the day that we'd run out of potable water. No amount of protestation can lessen our desperation over lack of this precious commodity.

This early, we must find ways to save on water, as its source is slowly but surely diminishing.

Some say we can survive without food for days, but we cannot live without water. Say you?

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