DABAWENYOS can significantly cut back on electricity bills if they follow energy conservation strategies correctly, according to the Department of Energy undersecretary Felix Fuentabella.

During the Energy Efficiency and Conservation (EEC) Information Campaign dubbed as #EnerhiyangAtin on May 25, 2022, Fuentabella said self-discipline is needed to avoid energy-consuming activities that waste electricity and energy.

As an example, Fuentabella cited high energy-consuming appliances such as air conditioners and personal desktop computers as drivers of energy wastage in a household when used without proper energy efficiency and conservation strategies in mind.

“(In a household) Isang aircon lang tapos naka set siya ng 24 degrees (only), at kapag naiinitan pa sila dagdagan ng electric fan, kung ganiyan lang ang gawin... ang usually savings na nakukuha is (You can turn on the air conditioner and set it at 24 degrees. And when you feel it is warm, just turn on the electric fan. You can save up to) P800 per month,” Fuentabella advised.

As for computer users, using a laptop can cut back energy consumption by 50 percent or half compared to the full energy consumption of a personal desktop computer but can be further reduced to ten percent when using a mobile smartphone.

“If you pay P1,000 a month for running your personal computer, it can go down to P100 kung kaya lang naman ng (if the work can be done on a) cellphone...So ang importante dito magkaroon tayo ng disiplina (So what’s important here is we have discipline),” the undersecretary added.

In order to teach more Dabawenyo and Filipino families about energy efficiency and conservation, the #EnerhiyangAtin campaign was launched by DOE in partnership of the Presidential Communications Operations Office that aims to educate and encourage families and individuals about an energy-saving way of life.

The undersecretary said through the campaign, consumers will be informed about economic recovery, energy utilization through daily activities, and protection of the environment by practicing proper use of our energy.

“It's a campaign to make Filipinos accountable for their energy use and energy development. It stems from the fact that even if we have the utilities and plants through the businessmen, the ultimate investor is the consumers,” Fuentabella said.

The EEC Information Campaign #EnerhiyangAtin was launched at SM City Davao on May 25, 2022 that boasts a series of interactive displays geared toward engaging Filipinos on energy efficiency.