“DO NOT panic.”

The advice came from Negros Occidental Provincial Health Office (PHO) Thursday, May 26, 2022 after several countries have recently reported an outbreak of monkeypox.

Provincial Health Officer Dr. Ernell Tumimbang said the province and the whole country remains free of the contagious virus and that the Department of Health (DOH) is continuously monitoring the reported cases from other countries.

Tumimbang advised Negrenses to just follow proper hygiene, eating nutritious meals, and strengthening the immune system in order to avoid getting sick.

He also stressed that the early signs and symptoms coming from a viral disease are pretty much the same.

The doctor encouraged Negrenses to have themselves checked in their barangay health center, or their municipal or city health offices should they feel unwell.

Over the past few days several countries in Europe, as well as the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom have reported cases of monkeypox.

Monkeypox belongs to the Orthopox virus family, which includes small pox and cow pox.

It is transmitted to humans through close contact with an infected person or animal, or with material contaminated with the virus.