HOW is care expressed in different local dialects?

Visayas and Mindanao are clustered into nine different regions, making them one of the most diverse parts of the country with at least 30 local dialects and 16 major islands.

With the continuing threat of the Covid-19 pandemic, expressing one’s care and affection is priceless. With the changing quarantine classifications concerning everyone more than ever, expressing deep affection to family, friends and relatives from other islands or regions with a simple “pangangamusta” or “ingat” may help alleviate the anxiety collectively experienced by everyone.

Expressing care can be done in a variety of ways. Here is a rundown of commonly used terms in different local dialects; common expressions used by the locals to wish someone well. The following words mean one thing: “Take care” or “ingat.”

Visayan dialects

Cebuano - “Amping”

"Amping kanunay sa imong pag biyahe!"

Translation: Take care always in your travels!

Boholano - “Ajo ajo”

"Pag ajo ajo sa imo lakaw!"

Translation: Take care when you go out!

Hilgaynon - “Halong”

"Halong ka gid padto sa skwelahan!"

Translation: You take care in going to school!

Waray - “Paghirot”

"Paghirot hit imo lawas para diri ka masakit."

Translation: Take care of yourself to avoid getting sick.

Aklanon - “Dahan”

"Dahan ka ha sa trabaho!"

Translation: Take care at work!

Mindanao dialects

Maranao - “Piyapiya”

"Piyapiya ka igirap ping dribe ka!"

Translation: Take care when you drive!

Surigaonon - “Ajo-ajo”

"Ajo-ajo sa inyo lakaw!"

Translation: You take care when you go out!

Chavacano - “Cuidao”

"Tiene cuidao si pabolbida!"

Translation: Take care in going home!

Tausog - “Kamayah!”

"Ha adlaw eni magkamayah man kita niyu!"

Translation: Take care for the day!

Dialects may differ from one island to another, but expressing care to loved ones when they have a fever or headache is one of the many constants among Filipinos.

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