THE sight at the Senate a couple of days ago was touching when eight Senators bid farewell with their fellow, with staff and with the institution they served as legislator. Three are ending their terms while five have failed in their re-election bid.

The bidding lawmakers have expressed gratitude to their colleagues after all the legislative works and the time they shared during sessions. The "remaining" Senators expressed their praises and accolades to the "leaving" legislators during their last Session, appreciating their accomplishments and contributions in the Senate and in our country.

There are times when Senators are engaged in arguments and debates. Sometimes they are on their belligerent mode that they are seemed to be fighting with each other. Its in their job description anyway to argue, to interpellate, to agree or oppose on some things to be tackled as part of the law-making process.

The scenario was quite different when the outgoing Senators composed of Senators Tito Sotto, Ralph Recto, Franklin Drilon,Panfilo Lacson, Emmanuel Pacquiao, Francis Pangilinan, Richard Gordon exchanged words of farewell and goodluck, hugs and pats on their backs. Its a show of friendship, kindness and statesmanship.

Bidding farewell is sad. Sometimes it draws tears even from the most courageous man in the country's police force. Recently, the Officer-in-Charge of the Philippine National Police, PGeneral Vicente Danao, Jr. bid farewell too to outgoing President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

Danao bursts into tears as he was profuse with gratitude to the Chief Executive for the latter's services to the country and his wholehearted support to the uniformed service. He was too emotional that he failed to control his tears from flowing.

The general instantly gained fame and admiration from netizens for his "courageous" act of crying in public. Its a rare instance for a general to shed tears as he bid goodbye to his boss who is retiring.

This coming June 30, President Duterte will be stepping down from his post he held for six years. He will be with other elected politicians who are having their expiring terms of office, had lost in the recent election or simply retiring from public service.

No position in the government is permanent. Even the person who has highest governmental position in the land must step down after his tour of duty. Bidding goodbye to the position is sad. Nonetheless, those who will be "retiring" should be grateful for having been given the opportunity to serve others through the positions they were entrusted with.


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