ARCHITECT Ned Carlos, director of United Architects of the Philippines - Dumaguete argues that the subject of urban farming and ecological living should be discussed in a forum amid a global food and oil crises brought about by the war on Ukraine.

Carlos observes that buildings in Dumaguete City are not designed in sustainable forms. “Buildings here have been so much dependent on technology like artificial lighting and air-conditioning, even on electricity, that we have forgotten how to harness sustainable energy like solar, wind and rain which have been free since man walked on earth,” he says.

However, the challenge is not as easy as changing the next building design. The first challenge, he said, is to change the mindset of the public. “People in Dumaguete have to know the important role of spaces that encourage sustainable human habitat and at the same time prohibit the spread of an epidemic."

At the rate buildings are rising using outdated designs, the UAP director warned that it will soon sap earth of its ability to regenerate life.

He points to vertical farming in an urban setting, more open spaces in buildings and along structures, less air-conditioning, well-designed sidewalks and bike lanes, more trees to provide shade, more greenery to combat heat, vehicle-free community, more parks and libraries, and green design for houses and buildings.

“We should all be discerning about urban agriculture,” he adds, “about vertical food production, looking at food that can be grown vertically on the walls of structures, on the roofs of buildings.” PR.