LONG-TIME television and radio personality Ariel Ureta was once the subject of controversy during the presidency of Ferdinand E. Marcos particularly during the martial law period. The then president, the father of incoming President Ferdinand "BBM" Marcos had a a slogan, "Sa ikauunlad ng bayan, disiplina ang kailangan".

Ureta, was alleged to have played with the slogan, dubbed: "Sa ikauunlad ng bayan, bisikleta ang kailangan". The said statement had allegedly earned the ire of the older Marcos and Ureta was said to have been punished and was forced to ride a bicycle non-stop. Ureta later on denied saying the statement and the alleged incident saying that all were just made urban legends.

On a serious note, bicycles are getting practical mode of transportation these days considering the skyrocketing price of fuel. The continuous escalation of the price of gasoline and diesel is no joke.

Because of such, there are a number of motorists who are crying but remain helpless. Among these are workers who have to use their vehicles in going to their workplaces and back home. They need to work to earn their living.

As forecasted, fuel prices will soar up to 100 pesos per liter mark. Today its rising up to 90 pesos and is expected to increase by next week again. The government blames the price in the world market and the on-going unrest between Russia and Ukraine.

The increase in fuel is leading to the price escalation of almost every commodities. Its the domino effect that is hurting us, if we have to go back to our lessons in economics.


One that is truly hurting recently is tourism. Many people are now opting to stay home instead of having their vacations in different tourist destinations in the country just to save gas. Aside from the cost of accomodation, the journey entails expenses for fuel.

Recently, toll fees on our major expressways went on a hike too. The increase is another burden to motorists who have no choice except to use the premier highway.

The series of price increase of fuel is discouraging people from traveling and going places. As I have mentioned, the price of fuel today will not make one smile. Despite the increase in the minimum wage recently, which is very minimal and not enough, the successive increase in the price of fuel is too onerous.


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