Good Day Croffles introduces twist on ordinary croissant

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Dessert trends have been evolving rapidly through the years and inevitably, have taken the world by storm. Some of these hybrid deserts are cronuts (croissants and donuts), duffins (donuts and muffins), brookies (brownies and cookies), and the most loved of them all, croffles (a croissant in waffle form).

The dessert hybrid was invented by Irish pastry chef Louise Lenox in 2017. Croffles are typically made like normal croissants. The difference is, the puff pastry is placed on a waffle maker to get that crispy finish that wouldn’t be achieved in a traditional oven.

The croffle craze also made its way to South Korea wherein it became a specialty menu item in some of the small town coffee shops in Seoul. Now, we are finally being graced by the croffle gods as the dessert trend finally makes its way to Cebu with a number of pastry cafes serving the unique dessert.

One of the pastry establishments that serves the popular hybrid dessert is Good Day Croffles.

The startup business is run by the Chua sisters with Dorothy Chua leading the brand. Dorothy is a 22-year-old, part-time student who is new at entrepreneurial ventures. She shared that she and her sister’s love for South Korea and K-pop inspired the establishment of their business.

“When croffles started becoming a trend in Korea, we thought since we couldn’t go to Korea, why not bring Korea to us?”

Dorothy also imparted that the best thing about croffles is that it is versatile in terms of what you pair the dessert with.

She said, “Just imagine all of the croffle flavors you can play around with.”

Good Day Croffles’ best seller is its Strawberries and Cream flavor—a decadent sweet treat that combines the refreshing element of strawberries and the confectionary element of whipped cream. Another bestseller is its Cheese croffle with its house-blend cheese that gives off a little kick. Dorothy specifically recommended their Biscoff croffle, slathered in Biscoff cookie butter and topped with a piece of Biscoff cookie.

The Chua sisters are currently working on releasing new flavors to cater to the unique palates of Cebuano sweet tooth foodies out there. The Good Day Croffles food stall is located in Oakridge Business Park, Ground floor, OTD 2 on A.S. Fortuna St., Mandaue City. It is open daily from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. and from 12 p.m. to 10 p.m. on weekends.


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