REGAN Industrial Sales, Inc. (RISI) has expressed optimism in Mindanao as it expands its operations in Davao City.

"The Mindanao market is rich with potential. The planned infrastructure projects of Mindanao is a 'game changer' to unlock the real potential of the region that has long been awaited," Regan C. Sy, RISI chief executive officer and vice president for Marketing, said.

The company has recently opened its Davao office at Damosa Complex, Lanang, Davao City.

Sy said the development of the whole of Mindanao, the opportunities that are very evident in terms of infrastructure spending, and the vibrant plans to develop the region including the investment opportunities presented for investors are what attracted the company to engage in the region.

"The interest and focus on Mindanao in the last six years supported our conviction [that is] Mindanao is the 'next big thing moving forward. The development of Mindanao will help increase our steel consumption with its many executed infrastructures and the upcoming plans of the overall development in the area," Sy said.

He said the company hopes to serve contractors engaged in both public and private projects in Mindanao.

"With the current spending of government pegged at five percent for infrastructure projects, our main focus is geared towards this niche," Sy said.

Meanwhile, their expansion to Davao completes their plan to make the supply of steel "where you need them" -- from Luzon to Visayas to Mindanao.

"The convenience to connect the clientele nearer to their projects is the vision we want to offcer. The cost of logistics, especially with the rising cost of fuel, is a major factor that everyone contents with. The proximitiy of projects, regardless of the contractor's hoe base is the problem we want to address," Sy said.

He said the creation of hubs or branches in key locations in the country allows them to address the challenges brought about being an archipelagic nation.

"Whenever a contractor or a project owner... necessitates steel away from its present location, we will cater... We offer, therefore, a lot of cost advantage and time-saving measures to our clientele," Sy said.

He added, "We are confident about the realization of growth potential in this part of the country, hence, this prompted us in opening the Mindanao Hub." RJL