Gen Z humor: The giggle at the funeral

Gen Z humor: The giggle at the funeral

Generational compartmentalization is useful in understanding the specific traits that define each age group without fault.

Baby Boomers (people aged from 58 to 76 years old) and Gen X (people aged from 42 to 57) are seen to be people with outdated beliefs and ideals. These two generations are head-strong and often get into arguments with the younger generations: the Millennials (people aged from 26 to 41) and Gen Z (people aged from 10 to 25). The Millennials are known to be career-driven and savvy in business ventures. While Gen Z are known for being sardonic and humorous.

The customary stand of Baby Boomers and Gen X will always be: “We’re older so we know better than you.” Gen Z’s stand is a lot different. We’re talking about the generation that blatantly made memes about the possibility of WW3 ensuing.

Here is a breakdown of the components of the Gen Z humor:

Popular culture references

TikTok and Twitter are two social media applications that have become headquarters for Gen Z’s thought dumps. A lot of times, Gen Zs will reference/mimic the content they’ve encountered in these apps and use it in colloquial conversations. An example of this would be the trending audio on TikTok from a YouTube channel called the “HRH Collective” wherein YouTuber Alexandra Peirce’s rant about hairstyles was made into a TikTok audio that goes, “It’s not the vibe. STOP!” A lot of Tiktok users, especially Gen Zs used the audio to express lighthearted annoyance.

Coining words/terms/phrases

Gen Zs are fond of creating words and phrases to use in internet conversations. The word “unserious” (e.g. “This song is so unserious. The singer is just saying anything.) is not typically used to describe silly actions but with Gen Z, “unserious” becomes a staple in their internet vocabulary.

Also, Gen Zs coined the phrase “The rent is due” referring to a person who bends over backwards at something they are doing. (e.g. “Look at BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s dance moves for the “Pretty Savage,” choreography. Her rent was probably due.”)


Memes are humorous images that are used by Gen Zs as either a response or an expression in itself. A lot of these memes are morbid, vulgar and just straight-up hilarious. It can vary from pictures of crying people (to express deep sadness but in a funny way), silly facial expressions from celebrities and images that express self-deprecating humor.

Almost at a default, Gen Z does not take things seriously. However, this does not automatically equate to being a lost generation. Gen Z’s humor is simply a coping mechanism to the knowledge of the wayward path the world is currently in.

Apart from Gen Z’s dark humor, they are also widely known for their propensity for activism. This is a generation that values the significance of being heard, jokingly or not. If there is one thing to describe the Gen Z humor it is widely diverse


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