Working for and with family can be a pleasant and rewarding experience but it also has its unique set of challenges as well. How do you handle difficult situations involving family members in a family-run company? How do you set the boundary between being workmates and family? How do you set aside personal issues when you’re at work and work issues when you’re home? The list goes on.

These disadvantages are a few of the factors why some companies won’t allow family members to work together, and why some people prefer to go in a different direction from their family. However, for Leuterio Realty and Brokerage and FilipinoHomes founder/owner Anthony Gerard Leuterio and daughter May Antonette Leuterio, who works as the brands’ operations officer, work brings them closer together and allows them to spend more time together.

As the founder and president of the leading real estate firm in the country, Anthony Gerard is not only a father to his family but also to his company, to all his employees, and even to his children’s friends.

The success of Anthony’s business is proof that he definitely is a father—or a father figure— not only to his children but also to his employees and to other people. A father who nurtures, inspires, supports and guides.

As a father though, rather than teaching his children and employees, Anthony leads by example and shows them how it is done. He describes his parenting style as democratic yet cautious.

According to May, defining his dad as a father and as a boss doesn’t have much of a difference.

As a man of mission who values people and family, “he works tirelessly to keep his words of helping and giving people opportunities to pay this mission forward.”

For her, the best thing about his father, whom she enjoys spending quality time with over food, photography, travel and meeting new people — is that he likes to keep a lighter, positive note to negative situations. He also believes everyone should be treated equally and with no judgment.

When asked, how does she manage to draw her line between being a daughter and being an employee, she candidly answered: “Somehow I find it easier when I always see him as my father more than as my boss. All the tasks as his daughter at home and as an employee in the company, both call out for the same sense of responsibility of obeying my parents as every child should.”

Her father on the other hand, manages to separate his role as a father and as a boss by wearing his hat as a business coach instead of a boss during work hours, and business travels, and wear his hat as father whenever they are outside work or family time.

Despite his hectic schedule, Anthony makes sure that he is there for the family whenever they need him, and to spend time with them by going on vacations. After all, his children are his motivations to do more, “It’s all about quality of time that will give value to every family.”

May shared that by watching her father both from afar and closely, she has learned to apply in her own ways what he has continually influenced her with and that is learning to build and keep good relationships “and always using our God-given time to help as much as possible.”

This father-daughter duo are true examples of how working with family can be done right.