WHAT happens when you combine power metal and Visayan culture? Adamanta!

Cebu symphonic folk power metal band Adamanta finally released their much-anticipated music video for the single "Conquer" on Saturday, June 18, 2022.

The music video channels Visayan warriors of pre-colonial Philippines and draws inspiration from Filipino history, which is often overlooked by many.

Adamanta is composed of members Daphnie, the nymph of the Woodland Realms; Elvin, the Bard; Wulfhammer, the Stormcaller; and Lyra, the Enchantress.

'Isog' spirit

The single "Conquer" was released last July 16, 2021, but due to pandemic restraints and subsequent disasters that rocked Cebu, like Typhoon Odette, the music video for the song was delayed.

But fans who have been patiently waiting for the video were not disappointed, as the band delivered their promise of bringing the "iog (brave)" spirit of our Visayan forebears into their art.

"Conquer came about from a thirst to connect with our roots. It's both a prayer and promise to be strong and seek glory with the help of our ancestors," Adamanta said.

Adamanta said that their song channels western European folk motifs, pulling to those unfamiliar to Filipino culture that Visayans were once raiders, warriors and seafarers similar to that of western Vikings.

The orchestral elements of the song were also heavily inspired by the band's obsession with "The Lord of The Rings" and old role-playing game soundtracks. The band said by leaning in this direction, that unmistakable sense of adventure and grandeur is established.

"We hope it boils the blood as you follow the brave to Bathala's gates!" Adamanta said.

In an earlier interview with Adamanta, the band said "Conquer" was originally about the warrior culture of the Vikings involving heavy drinking and pillaging.

"But as years progressed and we learned more about the pre-colonial Philippines, we shifted our point of view to the Pintados and the Visayan warriors," Adamanta said.

We'll face our destiny

Adamanta started in 2016 as Chrono Storm X. Elvin Ian Bacaltos and Miguel Jaranilla (former bassist) were looking to start a power metal band in Cebu.

Power metal is a subgenre of heavy metal combining characteristics of traditional metal with speed metal, often within a symphonic context.

The band posted a few advertisements and found Benjamin "Wulfhammer" Ricafrente III on vocals.

"There, we composed a few songs and honed our skills. Those were our experimental days; we played a few local shows with members regularly changing except for Wulfhammer, Elvin, and Miguel," Adamanta said.

It was only in 2018 when the band changed its name to Adamanta.

Elvin came across their frontwoman, Daphnie, through Saint Theresa's College (STC) music group, Sikabay, to sing alongside Wulfhammer when he had to replace Jaranilla on bass.

Ana "Lyra" Geverola, who is the band's keyboardist, joined the band in 2019 during a curriculum convention at STC. She was also into symphonic metal.

"From then on, we decided to embrace the symphonic side that we've been wanting to do all these years," the band said.

Rise with the seas

Adamanta is grateful for having such a loyal fandom in the Cebu underground music scene and is very happy that they continue to support their ventures moving forward into their artistry. They are also humbled by their new following and for the people's new-found appreciation for Visayan culture through their music.

"We'd like to thank everyone for tuning in and being such awesome fans! We love you guys and hope you guys love the result of our literal blood, sweat and tears!" Adamanta said.

Adamanta's Conquer is available on all streaming services, including Spotify, YT Music and Apple Music.