MAYOR Michael Rama has warned anew that not all contracts of job order employees in the Cebu City Hall will be renewed at the start of his term on July 1, 2022.

The mayor announced during the flag ceremony at the City Hall Monday, June 20, that employees who will not receive any appointment papers should no longer report to work.

"Kahibalo namo daan, dili tanan akong i-renew (You all knew already, I will not renew all of you). Dili tanan job orders akong i-renew ug wala mo nakauyon sa akong (Not all job orders will be renewed and if you do not agree with my) style, you are free to get out of City Hall. I will repeat, free to get out of City Hall," said Rama.

Rama also urged regular employees and even department heads to tender their resignation if they are not serious with their jobs.

"Department heads, if you feel you are very much pressured and you think you cannot be with us in this journey, tender your resignation. I will approve it right away," Rama said.

Rama has earlier issued a memorandum on May 16 that all coterminous, casual, and job order employees in the City Hall's executive department to undergo an evaluation that will determine the fate of their jobs after June 30.

Under the memo, the employees would be evaluated based on the following: “kawatan (thief), tapulan (lazy), hugawan (messy), intregero (intriguer), pala-away (quarrelsome), walay nahibaw-an (ignorant), dili mo bayad og utang (does not pay debts), and mo buko-buko (backstabber).”

According to Rama, more changes will be implemented in the leadership of different departments in the City Hall.

Rama said that more names will be announced soon. The mayor has previously appointed Raquel Arce as the head of the Cebu City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office and overseer of the Prevention, Restoration, Order, Beautification, and Enhancement Team starting July 1.

Former city councilor Erik Espina was also named by Rama as his press secretary. However, during the flag ceremony, the mayor said that Cerwin Eviota will remain as head of the Public Information Office.

Ester Concha, the overseer of the Department of Social Welfare and Services (DSWS), will now be the full-fledged head following Rama's appointment.

According to Rama, current DSWS head Portia Basmayor will still be there to assist Concha.

Rama's outgoing chief-of-staff, lawyer Mat Medalle, was also appointed as special assistant for legal, political, and barangay matters.

Rama said that his administration should "start right" by implementing serious changes in the City Hall as he envisioned Cebu City to become similar to Singapore.

"We will manage the city government under our administration, depending on if you will be renewed or you have an appointment (paper), like Singapore," Rama said in a mixture of Cebuano and English.