ROMBLON Representative Eleandro Jesus Madrona said that while he is backing the postponement of the barangay elections, he has reservations about the proposal to also postpone the Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) elections.

Madrona led some Romblon officials who visited to Negros Occidental yesterday, June 20, to learn the province's best practices.

He said that if the SK elections will be postponed too, the concern is about being the over-aged incumbent officials.

"In Congress, we are guided by the mandate of the majority and I am a member of that," Madrona said, pointing out that "we heard there will be postponement but there is a repercussion because if we postpone the Barangay elections, we also need to postpone that of the SK."

By July 1, there will be proposed bills to be filed and it will undergo public hearings, Madrona said.

The lawmaker stressed that he is amenable to the postponement of the barangay elections for another two years, but for the SK, "we need to think about it."