TEMPTATION can bring out our darkest secrets. Viva Films brings us a movie about the frightening journey of discovery of a couple who thought they knew everything about themselves -- “Secrets,” a film by Jose Javier Reyes, streaming starting June 10 on Vivamax.

Janine (Janelle Tee) and Christian (Benz Sangalang) want to find time to sort out their relationship problems. They escape the city and go to an isolated beach house owned by their friend. They were welcomed by an old couple, Rading and Elena. Unbeknownst to them, there is another guest -- Leo (Felix Roco), Elena’s nephew, who is home for a short vacation from the Middle East where he works as an engineer. Leo returns to the beach house to meet his fuck buddy, Felina (Denise Esteban), who works as a waitress in one of the nearby resorts.

From the onset, Janine does not like Leo because her instincts tell her that there is something dangerous about him. Leo is a satyr that seduces everyone for his pleasure. Without them knowing, they are slowly falling into Leo’s trap.

Direk Jose Javier Reyes brings on screen a dark tale of sexual experimentation and perversion in his new movie “Secrets.” And for this sexy movie, he got young and daring actors like Janelle Tee, Benz Sangalang and Denise Esteban, who were not afraid to bare it all for their roles. And seasoned actor Felix Roco completes the all-out, no holds barred cast. Under the direction of award-winner Direk Jose Javier Reyes, it is exciting to see how the cast’s chemistry will translate on screen.

Get ready to make the deepest and darkest discoveries in “Secrets” on Vivamax Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Macao, Vietnam, Brunei, Maldives, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA, the Middle East and Europe. And get the best Vivamax viewing quality with TV casting.

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