THE police believed that the source of illegal drugs confiscated from two suspects during the drug raids in the cities of Cebu and Talisay were one and the same person.

In their anti-illegal drug operation on Imus Road, Sitio Riverside, Barangay Lorega San Miguel on Tuesday dawn, June 21, 2022, the Parian police headed by Major Efren Diaz Jr. confiscated more than a kilo of suspected shabu worth P7.4 million from drug suspect Jonathan Avenido Conahap, 46, of Sitio Ponce 2, Barangay Carreta, Cebu City.

Diaz, the newly-designated chief of Parian Police Station, said they were supposed to buy only 25 grams of alleged shabu from Conahap during the buybust operation but it turned out that there were more illegal drugs placed in his bag when they searched it.

The Parian police said Conahap can be considered as a regional high value individual due to large quantity of drugs seized from him.

On Saturday night, June 18, 2022, a certain Lyndon Ylanan Rongasan, 34, of Barangay Hipodromo, Cebu City was arrested by Talisay police headed by Lieutenant Colonel Randy Caballes during a drug raid in Sombria Road, Barangay Lawaan 1, Talisay City.

Rongasan yielded three kilos of alleged shabu worth P20.4 million.

Diaz and Caballes believed that the two drug suspects have the same supplier of illegal drugs.

The name of the said drug supplier, however, has not been revealed yet, as the police are still tracking down other personalities involved in the drug trade in Central Visayas. (BBT, TPT)