IS another World War inevitable?

Let’s leave political “experts” and their ilk to their prognostications as we focus on prophecies from Heaven. Specifically, those revealed to stigmatist mystic Luz de Maria de Bonilla, a native Puerto Rican who now resides in Argentina.

The focus on her is based on her credibility since her first mystic experience with the Blessed Mother in 1991. She is a third order Augustinian and has always been under the guidance of several priests, including her confessor Fr. Jose Maria Fernandez Rojas.

The website titled Revelaciones Marianas, which is devoted to her mysticism, notes that “as time goes by, the Word of Christ and of the Blessed Mother (being received by Luz de Maria) takes on a different voice regarding its magnitude and intensity, due to the proximity of the events humanity will face.”

And yes, a world war has been among the warnings Luz de Maria has been receiving since way back in 2014, certainly before the Russian invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24, 2022 which many believe to be the likely trigger for another world war.

Two years before the invasion on Oct. 26, 2019. St. Michael the Archangel told her: “The specter of war is moving from various points on Earth, distracting the children of God so that they do not remain attentive and are confused.”

On Sept. 5, 2019, St. Michael also told her: “People of God, war is still before you; it depends on a thought of a leader or some leaders of a power to act in anticipation out of fear of being defeated in order for this step to be executed, which will lead humanity to face the Third World War.”

Much earlier, stigmatist Luz de Maria has been sharing with the world (although only a few had interest) warnings of a war. Here’s some reviews.

On Dec. 28, 2014, Our Lord Jesus Christ said: “Beloved children, the rumors of war will not be rumors anymore.”

On July 4, 2014, Our Lord also told Luz de Maria: “The war is at a blink of an eye, only a word is needed for the war to involve all of humanity who is totally unaware of the events of this instant.”

Onl June 11, 2014, Our Lord also said: “My Heart beats faster in this instant in which this generation hangs on one single action from a human creature with enough power to provoke a disaster: the Third and Fatal World War. Each one of you is absolutely responsible in the collaboration of this fatal act. Each one cooperates with ignornce, which you imposed upon yourself, with the lack of knowledge and with the lack of love for Me.”

Also Our Lord on June 18, 2014: “In the presence of the proximiy of war, my people not only must pray but must warn humanity and the holy remnant so they will not be confused.”

This time from the Blessed Mother on Sept. 21, 2014: “You are instants away from the spreading to all of humankind the flogging of the war.”

Also from the Blessed Mother on Sept. 24, 2014: “How many of you keep a written list regarding the events previous to the end of the Great Tribulation, regarding the previous events before the arrival of the antichrist, regarding the events preceding World War III! How many are still waiting for the signs! My children, these signs are right in front of you, before the eyes of all human creatures. Perhaps you have forgotten that my Son is omnipotent and that the signs and the events that I have revealed to you can happen one right after the other in mere instants.”

Fast Forward two years later, on Nov. 11,2016, the Blessed Mother told Luz de Maria: “Pray, the Third World War does not occur in a instant, as I have already mentioned, but it has already been in gestation and continues gestating until the instant when it will occur in fullness.”

On March 13, 2016, the Blessed Mother alo said: “There will be war: the great bloodletting of my children will exceed all expectations. The atmosphere will be cirty because of the devils that fill it with so much of their impurity that it will fall on Earth with all its dirtiness and all the demonic freedom that man’s heart attracts with his irreverence and his rejection of all that is Divine.”

Also the Blessed Mother on May 13, 2016: “ My children, the specter of war has stopped being specter; and you live the onslaught, only silent, through a war of words and threats that will become action: The feared and announced Third World War.”

And then Our Lord Jesus on June 5, 2016: “You refuse to think about the drastic change that all of Humankind will undergo due to the Third World War...”

Also Our Lord on March 12, 2016: “My beloved, remain in a state of alert; the third world war is not forgotten.”

On Jan, 13, 2016: “My beloved People, humanity is called to get ready; and when you hear rumors of wars, get away, do not watch the terror of which the world is a slave.”

The following year, more messages were given to Luz de Maria. On March 8, 2017, Our Lord said: “Pray children, pray, know that, as I have told you, the Third World War is progressing little by little, man’s suffering will be slow. Uncertainty and power are in confrontation as a first manifestation of that war.”

Two years later in 2018, Our Lord also said on Sept. 17: “Do not forget prayer for countries invaded and persecuted by communism and by minds manipulated and driven mad by the desire for world power, which will lead humanity to war.”

On Sept. 12, 2018: “Man's anger is increasing and My children will see whole peoples rising up, with brothers confronting brothers. Communism is the cause of great scourges and horrors, and some great nations that oppose communism want war in order to gain power. This, My children, is great human madness.”

Also Our Lord on July 15, 2018: “My beloved People, the threats of war do not stop, the causes are interests regarding world power, the single government, the single currency, the single religion, with the aim of subjecting humanity to the tentacles of evil.”

Then from our Blessed Mother on April 16, 2018, this message: “Beloved children, evil needs the Third World War to be present in this generation in order to extinguish the greater part of Humanity. Therefore I call you to be in constant prayer and that this prayer be action with the fulfillment of the ten commandments, especially of the first three commandments, to impart the blessing of knowing my Son to your brothers and sisters.”

Also our Blessed Mother on Feb. 3, 2018: “As humanity you are hanging by a fine thread. Great nations, which you know well, have made technological advances in the field of armaments: they have devoted themselves to preparing to defend themselves from possible attacks by other countries. Because of so much advancement, previous wars that the humanity has suffered seem like a game with respect to the armaments of war that a great majority of countries have at this instant, although in smaller quantities than the great powers.”