THE Department of Agriculture (DA) Central Luzon celebrated its 124th Founding Anniversary on Monday in simple ceremonies attended by local officers and employees.

The DA had its beginnings when President Emilio Aguinaldo established the Department of Agriculture and Manufacturing on June 23, 1898. A Kapampangan, Jose Alejandrino, was the first appointed secretary of the agency.

In his anniversary message Regional Executive Director Crispulo G. Bautista, Jr. enjoined the key officials to uphold with the mission and vision of DA and deliver the agency’s programs and projects that will drive to a food-secured and resilient Philippines with empowered and prosperous farmers and fishers.

Also, during the celebration, Regional Agricultural and Fisheries Information Section awarded the winners of the DA Central Luzon Logo-Making contest. The 1st Place winning entry will now be the official logo of the Department of Agriculture Central Luzon.