IT'S not easy to understand how the Blessed Mother could tell us not to fear amid her messages that warn of unprecedented chastisements.

Even as the Blessed Mother, in a message to Sister Agnes Sasagawa in the approved apparitions in Akita, Japan, in 1972, warned of fire falling from the sky and wiping out a great part of humanity, she also counseled us thru stigmatist Luz de Maria de Bonilla in 2018 as follows: “May you not be frightened by what Heaven has declared to you so that you may prepare, but may that which you know be what leads you to increase you faith, the desire to save the soul and the desire to cooperate in the salvation of souls.”

It would seem that when the Blessed Mother admonishes people not to fear in the face of a possible dire future, she was addressing herself primarily though not exclusively to those with strong faith, to those who believe in the Gospel, in life everlasting. Certainly, not to people who are overly attached to the earth and its fun which, at least in their dreams, they would like to hold on to and enhance forever.

The faithful, however, would not be terrified by the warnings of chastisements which could possibly include dying. Perhaps they would feel bothered every now and then, but theirs would always be a predicament to be assuaged by faith in the afterlife, in a real non-ending Heaven where happy family gatherings can be had without the. pain of parting....among other joyous events.

Recall that in her last days of illness, St. Therese of Lisieux did not panic when she vomited blood. She wrote that it even elated her, because it meant she was soon to leave her body and go to Heaven and be with God.

And so in her recent messages thru mystics, the Blessed Mother often reminds all of the importance of keeping eyes on eternity, on saving souls for it. This was among the points she stressed in her message to mystic Gisella Cardia on June 14, 2022 as follows.

“Dear children, thank you for having responded to my call in your hearts. Children, how beautiful you are when you kneel in prayer. Listen to what I have to tell you: do not be distracted regarding my messages, remember that they are for the salvation of humanity. You have eyes to see, but you do not see, ears to hear and you do not hear. My children, pray for France: it will suffer much. Convert! Now I leave you with my maternal blessing, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

Meanwhile, it would seem that enough had complied with Heaven’s request to pray the Rosary and visit the Blessed Sacrament for seven days so as to mitigate an impending worldwide earthquake. This was contained in the message of St. Michael the Archangel to stigmatist Luz de Maria de Bonilla on June 18, 2022 as follows.

“Beloved People of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ: Receive the blessing that our King is constantly pouring out upon each one of you.

“You are loved by Our Queen and Mother of the End Times....You are so beloved that Her Divine Son is sending His Angel of Peace to accompany you, to open the way for you and to keep you attentive to the Law of God so that you would not go astray.

“Beloved People of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ, with love, faith and obedience you have heeded My Call for seven days of prayer for the good of humanity.

“It is being forgotten that without prayer the human being is empty. Without prayer with the heart and soul, the creature vacillates when faced with the temptations of evil, being easy prey for the Devil and his machinations.

“People of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ: Fraternity among God's children is paramount and unity is necessary in the face of the onslaught of evil that wants to destroy and to divide the works of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ.

“People call themselves bearers of ‘divine gifts’in order to divide the children of God so that they would stray from the true path.

“Our King and Lord Jesus Christ calls you to unity. Understand that what is coming is not just a moment of rain or wind, nor of darkness or quaking...

“You have failed to digest that what is coming are the fiercest trials and the fiercest assaults that humanity has faced in this generation.

“How is it possible to make you understand with your reason and spirit that what is coming stands written! It is not the end of the!

“What will you do faced with those moments when you will look at yourselves and see that you rejected the Truth, did not believe it and did not prepare yourselves, neither in the spirit nor concerning what Heaven has indicated to you?

“Do you think you have a long time to wait? You are wrong, Do not fall into the clutches of evil at this most crucial of times for humanity.

“Famine will spread and with it a shortage of the essentials for humanity. The world's economy will fall and man will go into chaos in the absence of the money god to which you have entrusted your security.

“Children of Our Queen and Mother of the End Times, the wheat will be separated from the tares and the tares will persecute the wheat.

“Do not fear: after the trial, the wheat will rise again with greater strength, it will be enlightened by the love of its King and Lord Jesus Christ.

“Remain on spiritual alert! You are seeing the wolves in sheep's clothing leading the People of God toward the spiritual abyss, and you accept it with such weakness and coldness that you may wake up being part of the tares.

“The children of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ must be spiritual in order not to be deceived. When mourning enters the House of God, you must maintain your spiritual fortitude and not be led astray. That is what the Devil wants - that the sheep would be scattered. Do not allow it.

“People of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ: Pray, pray in the face of despair, uprisings and persecution. Pray, pray, People of God, that humanity would heed My Call to prayer. Pray, People of God, pray for Mexico, its soil will shake forcefully. Pray, People of God, pray for the conversion of humanity and for all humanity to accept as Mother She who is the Mother of the Word.

“Without fear, continue with firm steps and in haste. Continue to hope, not despairing, but trusting in the Trinitarian Will.

“You are loved, therefore I bring you Words of Eternal Life, calling you to conversion. Come, embark on the true faith, the one that leads you to meet our King and Lord Jesus Christ.

“I protect you, I bless you. Do not fall prey to fear. My Heavenly Legions keep you protected.”