OH, WOW! It's the time to cherish that nourishing frozen yogurt moment and end your cravings as Europe and Asia's favorite Spanish frozen yogurt brand IIaoIlao is now serving at SM City Clark in the largest IIaoIIao ('YawYaw') store in the region.

IIaoIIao Managing Director Angela Aquino---from the clan of Kapampangan businessman Raul Aquino who also owns franchises of Mesa Filipino Moderne restaurants---shared that IIaoIlao SM City Clark is by far the biggest of three outlets, a takeout kiosk at SM City Pampanga which was the first to open a couple of years back, followed by the first stand alone yogurt hangout at Newpoint Mall, Nepo Complex in Angeles City.

"IIaoIlao SM City Clark is the largest of the three with the store's 40-seat capacity that concocts the same healthy frozen yogurt for the serious wellness buff and yogurt lovers of all ages," she said.

Many of the early birds that grabbed their cup of nutritious yogurt that comes in many varieties and combinations, expressed that IIaoIIao frozen yogurt has the right blend of sourness, sweetness and creaminess.

"The IIaoIIao moment is all about hat IIaoIIao goodness, the healthy benefits from the refreshing dessert or snack, however you want it. It's so nutritios because yogurt builds stronger bones and teeth, stimulates the immune system, builds and repairs muscles, and improves digestion," they chorused with joy.

And the other wow?

On opening day on June 23, 2022, IIaoIIao SM City Clark treated it's first 100 customers not only with free yogurt but with super extras like a year's supply of yogurt of their choice for the first 10 customers, a six-month supply for the next 20 and three months supply for the next 20 in line.

The IIaoIIao brand was started by Pedro Espinosa in 2009., who was inspired by a luxurious resort in Argentina called IIaoIIao which offered premium satisfaction to its guests.

As years went by, the IIaoIIao brand branched out in Europe, Asia and the United States of America.

IIaoIIao's bestseller is the Gratis Sanum that has six toppings including fruits, chocolates and crunch.

"IIaoIIao has been a family favorite because of its right blend of flavors," Angela added as more customers lined up for a cup or two.

"We wanted our fellow Kapampangans nearby and even shoppers from neighboring provinces coming to SM City Clark to taste the goodness of IIaoIIao frozen yogurt, so, here we are."

Make every day a IIaoIIao moment and savor the goodness of frozen yogurt at IIaoIIao SM City Clark now! (SPONSORED CONTENT)