THE Taekwando: Poomsae Exhibition and Speed Kicking Tournament through the San Carlos City Sports Office was launched over the weekend at the locality’s Sport's Park.

A press statement from the San Carlos City Government said the event is also in line with its upcoming 62nd Charter Day celebration.

Some 34 participants joined the Poomsae, who performed pattern of defense-and-attack motions, while 33 joined the Speed Kicking.

Participants were between six to 16 years old.

The winners for Speed Kicking received medals while cash and medals were received by those who joined the Poomsae exhibition.

Taekwando Trainor Darwin Jumuad Requina said that this is their first face-to-face taekwando tournament for the Charter Day celebration after almost two years of hiatus.

He also thanked the local government of San Carlos City for fully supporting the event. (PR)